Homemade Coleslaw


Mike grew two cabbages this year. They were so delicious! I made this fancy colorful cole slaw.

It couldn’t have been easier. One secret was using 1/2 yogurt and 1/2 mayonnaise. Not only did it cut calories and cholesterol but it tasted amazing. Mike said since I waited a little longer to harvest the cabbages they were spicier. I don’t know about that but they  were tasty. MMMM.

coleslawHere’s my recipe:


2 heads of green cabbage

juice of one lemon

a half dozen carrots

a large wooden spoonful of mayonnaise

a couple of spoonfuls of honey yogurt

celery seed

2 tblspns turbinado sugar

a bag of craisins

walnuts – several handfuls crumbled walnut meats


I shredded the cabbage in my food processor using the slicer blade,  and tossed it with the lemon juice. I shredded the carrots with the cheese grater blade. I mixed these together in a bowl. In another large bowl I mixed the mayonnaise, yogurt, and celery seed and sugar. I slowly added handfuls of cabbage at a time mixing in some carrots and tossing the ingredients with the dressing. I added the craisins and the walnuts. I like my walnuts on the large size so I usually just break them with my fingers. Toss everything together in a large bowl and let marinate overnight for best taste.

I feel so blessed to get to enjoy such yummy organic vegetables grown in what I call our organic oasis.

What is one of your favorite recipes from your garden?

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