Calling all Organic Gardeners! Ready to launch!

Recorded the first three episodes of the organic gardener podcast and have 3 more interviews scheduled this week!

As soon as I have 10 episodes in the bank I’m launching.

So exciting!

Podcasting is turning into so much more fun then I expected!! My guests have shared great tips, resources, and recipes already I feel like I have learned a ton of valuable information that’s going to help me grow a better garden next year!

Lots of great inspiration and yummy sounding recipes being shared as well.

My only problem so far is the interviews are coming out much shorter then I thought they would so I either have to come up with more questions or insert some more content or something. I do want to add a funny gardening joke at the beginning to lighten the mood and I’ve got to get my introduction done etc.

Feeling so much closer to launch!

Are you ready to listen? Do you have an organic garden and a story to share? Let me know!!

6 thoughts on “Calling all Organic Gardeners! Ready to launch!

  1. It sounds like a great idea, and once one or two people “break the ice”, I’m sure you will be flooded with anecdotes, and funny gardening stories. Take care now.


  2. I started cipoostmng a few weeks ago. It’s practically all dark liquid smells like poop. My compost had only fresh veg fruit scraps / / coffee grounds / tea grounds / egg shells. I forgot to cover it on a terrible downpour. It looks like muck / sludge. Is this thing useable anymore? I stopped placing scraps in it 2 weeks ago and started another little can with a lid. I do not have any old dried leaves to put in there either. I guess I should wet it a little too.


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