Homemade Pumpkin pie


Today i finally made a pumpkin pie. I found 4 small organic pumpkins after Halloween for $1.19 each. I cooked them up – just slice in large chunks, boil and peel.


I have to say for someone who really doesn’t cook much I don’t understand people who don’t use fresh pumpkin? Just take out the scoop out the insides, chop pieces in a pan, cover with water, boil til tender and peel. Super EASY!


Anyway, I cooked it on the wood stove since it was going hot anyway. I haven’t done that in a while. I used to bake everything on the wood stove. The secret is to have a nice assortment of wood, so you can keep it at a steady temperature. Then you create a sort of oven out of an inverted pan. If you preheat the hot pan first it cooks better but I didn’t today. You also want a fairly high trivet under the pie so the air circulates underneath.


It came out perfect. Not my best crust ever but the filling was delicious.


Have you ever cooked on a wood stove or do you have any special tricks for cooking in winter?


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