Eggplant Success Tips


In episode 19 Elizabeth Leonard (aka EARL) talks about successful tips for planting eggplants. She suggested that using too much nitrogen like chicken manure will make your plants big and tall with great leaves but might not produce the most amount of fruit.

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I found these pictures from 2008’s garden and I can see maybe that could be some of the issue. Although these are beautiful eggplants, I think we could get more produce perhaps if we put less manure on them? I guess we will have to try it!


Mike said one of the solutions he found was planting them all in one large container or bed. Before they were spread out amongst a variety of raised beds by the tomatoes and cucumbers.

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When he put them in a group down in our boat he said he got a much bigger yield because they were able to cross pollinate. I’ll try to find some pictures of those plants as I sort through my many many garden photos.

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