Episode 28: Kelly Ware| Permaculture Global|Bigfork, MT


Kelly July 2013

Episode 28: Kelly Ware| Permaculture Global|Bigfork, MT

Kelly Ware shares her amazing knowledge of Permaculture in Montana.

Read Kelly’s Biography here:

I took my PDC, permaculture design course in 98 with CRMPI Central Rocky Mountain Perm. institute, and also with Michael Pilarski. I have been a constant podcast listener for the last 2.5 years starting with Paul Wheaton of www.permies.com, Scott Mann of www.thepermaculturepodcast.com (Of which I have an interview with him Feb of 2014 on permaculture and the Kingdom,-Christianity) www.sustainableworldradio.com with Jill Cloutier. and Jack Spirko of  www.thesurvivalPodcast.com.  I have taught 3 of the Inland Northwest permaculture conferences, I have studied with Sepp Holzer, Darren Doherty of Regrarians and Keyline design, Grant Schultz on Farmscale Permaculture, and many more great innovators, recently attending Permaculture Voices 2 conference this year, Seattle convergenes as well as Transition Towns conferences. I am building a website Permaglobal.com for all the video I have taken of classes as well as translating these great podcasts into Spanish.  I tend my home lot, and a church garden food forest in Bigfork, MT and intend to become a designer/planner.  I have set up several community gardens through sheet mulching, and share what I can in classes and on FB. I think this is my calling, and I hope to help people make that shift to healthy and abundant food and healthy, happy, productive lifestyles and community systems.

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