Fungus, superheroes and saving the world

Hey Permamamma! How about an interview on the organic gardener podcast?! Love your site! you can email me at Jackie:~)


OK… ambitious title lol! Introducing Paul Stamets. I love his work. I mean, really really love his work. I hope you’ve heard of him, but if you haven’t… now you have 😉

He is literally making suggestions to fix many of the most intractable problems of our time. From radioactive contamination in areas of Fukushima where it may be impractical or environmentally questionable to remove the top soil and store it indefinitely… you can bioaccumulate the radioactive material into mushrooms and collect them instead! Less work, more joy.

Saving us from cancer, termites and oil spills on land … he is the best kind of superhero. Not imaginary. These solutions are real and not particularly difficult to implement. We might even get a feed out of an oil spill.

Not everyone wants a sterile lab in their house… but for those that contemplate growing their own fungal helpers there are…

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