Gardening Tips: Attracting Birds

This is a great addition to our episode on attracting birds this week!

The Kinky Hose Garden Project


Birds can be either a bother or a boon to our gardens, depending on who you ask. Some gardeners happily invite the feathered folk to their gardens, looking forward to the benefits they can bring. Others go to great lengths to keep them at bay. Maybe the latter have recurring Hitchcockian nightmares, or maybe they are simply afraid the birds will eat or poop on their tomatoes. We at the Kinky Hose Garden Project love birds in our yards, but there are a few caveats regarding their attraction. What follows herein is a list of the benefits of birds and some tips for attracting them to your garden. Near the end, we go one step further and offer a different perspective on birds and garden planning in general.

Benefits of Birds

Pest Control

Perhaps the first benefit of birds in the garden that comes to mind is pest control. Certain…

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