Rocky Mountain Seed Saving Event Was AWESOME!!!



Last night I attended an amazing Seed-Saving Workshop at the Penny Royal Collective in Kalispell. It was sponsored by the Good Seed Company out of Whitefish. It was so informative! I took pages of notes and bought a fantastic book on Seed-Saving!

Bill McDorman was so passionate about teaching people how we can change the face of agriculture by saving “Seeds from the Rocky Mountains for the Rocky Mountains!”
He asked questions like
“What r we doing to feed 9 billion people?”
“Who r the farmers? and Who’s saving seeds?”
And then he and his partner Belle Star proceeded to share lots of solutions and ideas!

Some of my biggest take aways on Seed-Saving:

60% of pop will live in urban
70% of food is produced on 20 -acres or less gonna have to produce even more

Easiest seeds to save:

There’s a great book you can buy called Breed Your own Vegetable Varieties I want to order from amazon!
Other countries Precautionary principle
Gmo modified bio tech industry- says well do it til u prove its dangerous
Rest of world says well wait till u prove its safe (mike said it’s called capitalism/deregulation – think Ronald Regan)
The garden was amazing!!! What an example of watering vegetables! It was so alive!!! You just felt good being there.
And so many cool labels and pretty flowers and herbs and vegetables all intertwined.
Margaret Roche gave an amazing presentation on how easy it is to save seeds and sent us all home with a packet of cherry tomato seeds!
And they had a raffle sponsored by Hooper’s Nursery and everyone got a prize!!!
Even Me:~)
The best part was the crowd who were so interested and full of knowledge and passion themselves.DSCN6744
I love how podcasting totally helps you find your peeps:~)

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