Episode 77: Bob Quinn | Quinn Organic Farm | Big Sandy, MT

Episode 77: Bob Quinn | Quinn Organic Farm | Big Sandy, MT


Last week I interviewed Jennifer Hill-Hart from AERO (Alternative Energy Resource Organization) and when I mentioned my husband and my’s interest in biodiesel she recommended I get in touch with Bob Quinn. So I reached out to Bob and today he is here to share his story about his organic farm in Big Sandy!


The Research Center strives to explore cutting-edge ideas on the high plains of Montana. It is located on the Quinn Organic Farm in Big Sandy, Montana, within the famed Golden Triangle. The experiments are conducted on small acreage in an effort to determine how a farm family can make a comfortable living on fewer acres. Current experiments include oilseeds for fuel and lubricants, storage and fresh vegetables, crop rotations, green manures, and weed management.Their new product Kraklin Kamut is available on their website now and will be in stores soon!

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One thought on “Episode 77: Bob Quinn | Quinn Organic Farm | Big Sandy, MT

  1. This is for Jessi who sent me a message but I can’t seem to email her back: Hey Jessi! Im so sorry your having troubles especially i thought this was a great interview:) what are you using to play it on? Are you just using a browser on a computer? Maybe try going to the actual page instead of just the post or vice versa? It plays on my computer and on my iphone via itunes? I tried to test it on my kindle but i couldn’t remember how to download a new episode in that weird app i use on there?

    Are you listening on a mobile device or a desktop?
    Let me know and ill see what i can do to figure it out for you!
    Thanks for listening and enjoying the show:)))


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