Episode 92: Neva Hassanien | University of Montana Environmental Studies Program | Missoula, MT


Episode 92: Neva Hassanien | University of Montana Environmental Studies Program |  Missoula, MT

I connected with Neva at the AERO Expo after hearing the EVST students sing her praises! Neva brought the EVST students from the University of MT who are more of the amazing millennials who are making positive changes in our world today.


Many of which are part of the Food Corps program.


From the UMT EVST Sustainable Agriculture Emphasis home page: “The study of food systems lends itself beautifully to true interdisciplinary learning and problem solving. It also has the capacity to profoundly connect us with nature and the place we live. Students will discover our food system’s complexity and vulnerability, and they will be able to ask informed questions. Students often learn a lot about the serious environmental problems confronting society, but they hunger for the opportunity to do something about it, something tangible and real. Accordingly, the Sustainable Food and Farming emphasis will give them the tools to do so. Educated, our graduates will be more to able to exercise the privileges of citizenship, more able to care.

Our vision is to provide students at the graduate and undergraduate level with the opportunity for (1) intensive interdisciplinary study of our food system; (2) hands-on experience growing organic food for low-income people on an urban farm; (3) community-based action research; and (4) active civic engagement.”

Tell us a little about yourself.

AERO MT working to promote sustainable agriculture and food systems and communities. So it was a pleasure to be there this year and enjoy the company of people from across the state who are thinking about how to build a more resilient and sustainable future. My work has encompassed a variety of things including, I lead up our emphasis on sustainable food and farming which we really developed about 12-13 years ago and it has become very popular.

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