Bonus Episode 108: Marisa Franz | Cooking Lentils from The Kitchen In Missoula | Missoula, MT

In episode 103 I interviewed Liz Carlisle who wroteLentil Underground Book Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America which is the story of some rengade farmers in Montana who chose to grow organically not just because it was better for their land but because it was better for their livelihoods!  David Oien from Timeless Seeds has been leading a movement to grow lentils “a cheap, healthy source of protein, rich in fiber, folate, Vitamin B1, and amino acids, lentils are drought tolerant and don’t require irrigation.”

Liz-Carlisle Author of Lentil Underground

Farmers in the conventional system are stuck growing mono-crops or a single crop like wheat, soy or corn. It isn’t good for the environment because if you’re not rotating your crops its gonna attract pests and requires a lot of pesticides. Entire farming systems are affected by climate change because they might get drought or downpours that led to erosion etc. So these farmers figured out how to farm productively with all the uncertainty of the weather.  A big thing about lentils is they grow their own fertilizer so they help the soil!

David-Oien grower of organic lentils

The Kitchen in Missoula, takes your culinary expectations to new heights. They provide awesome food at reasonable prices for events and weddings. Private Chef Marisa Franz shares her cooking expertise with us about how to cook lentils today. Back from the classroom to help us.

The humble lentil there is so much you can do with it.

Read more at the organic gardener

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