107. Alice B. Elrod | Short Season Montana Gardener and Rabbit Tractors | Trego, MT

SiriSunriseLakesMontana’s Wild Woods

I am super excited to introduce you to my next guest who has been a local friend for a long time.  I can truly say this woman is brave living in the wilds of Montana because not very far from her house at all I saw one of the coolest sights I’ve ever seen. Last spring, I was driving near her home late at night and I saw a pile in the middle of the road and thought what’s that? When suddenly the heap came to life and there was a whole family of mountain lions wrestling in the middle of the road, the mom and 1-2 ran off and two of them just tromped up the road in front of me till I came to a T and they ran up the hill towards their mom into the woods … so here today from the wilds of Montana I’m excited to introduce my guest Dr. Alice B. Elrod!

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