Bonus New Years Day Episode 110. Denise & Tony Gaetz | Bare Mountain Flower Farm | Willamette Valley, OR

Denise and Tony Gaetz, from Bare Mountain Farm are here to share their flower farming journey. Their belief is that healthy soils equal healthy plants which provide for vibrant, strong long-lasting blooms.

10 years of flower growing at Bare Mountain Farms

Over 10 years of Growing at Bare Mountain Farm

Living in the Willamette Valley of OR, they’ve been on their farm for about 27 years, they have 10 and 1/2 acres grow flowers on only about an acre and 1/2. They’ve been doing this for over 11 years, starting next year will be their 12th season. This is a second career. Both had previous lives and sort of semi-retired, but not really retired because this is a lot of work. But they’re doing something that both of them really love, it’s hard work but it’s super they enjoy it!

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