Organic Gardening Questions Anyone| Growing Your Own Food This Spring

Hey listeners got any organic gardening questions?

Sunrise in the Organic Mini-Farm Garden
Jackie Marie Beyer here, SUPER EXCITED to be back to be podcasting!!! Just finished up, the teacher came back from maternity leave and finished up teaching with the first and second graders.
Now I’m just excited to be focusing on my podcast again and talking to more guests! And just hoping that your learning and excited as I am. And speaking of that, I am just wondering what you’re up to this spring!
 Questions about Pollinator Plants


  • Is there a project that you’re gonna take on?
  • Is there something you want to know?
  • What kind of guests have you enjoyed the most? Who would you like to hear more of?
  • Is there a topic you want to learn more about, like raising honey bees, or planting perennials, or what kind of annual seeds to look for, or planting vegetables or herbs?
  • If you have any questions?
  • What guest shave you liked and what would you like to hear more of?
  • If there is anything I can find out?



Thank you for listening!!!

I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate you listening! It’s been so wonderful to share all these great stories and all of these amazing guests and expand all of our knowledge. I know I have learned a ton and am very inspired.

Just looking forward to a great spring and speaking of Spring!

EiffelTowerVisiting France 

According to my Libsyn stats, I have 287 listeners in France and I am going to have the opportunity to visit France in March it seems! So I am super excited about this opportunity, and just If anybody has any suggestions for where I could find some farmers, or  if there are any farmers markets I should go to meet some people or things I could learn I would be excited if you reached out to me!
Or we have the OGP Facebook page or  you can always contact me at our our website!
So I am just super excited to hear from you, If there is anything you would like to learn or we can help you with or just say hi!
Have a great day and
to listen to this episode go to

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