119: Cross-fit Gardener of 2015 | Mandy Gerth | Lower Valley Farm – Nutrient Dense Farming | Kalispell, MT


Hi listeners! I am pumped up today to introduce my guest from the Lower Valley Farm in Kalispell MT!!! When I first heard the term “Gardening Crossfit” coined by Kelly Ware in episode 28 of the Organic Gardener Podcast, I have noticed several of my guest who have completed a “gardening crossfit” challenge this year. Now I have to admit I am awarding my husband Mike with 2nd place and I will post a page of the top 10 crossfit gardening episodes on the Organic Gardener podcast.com but today you are about to hear from a woman who epitomizes the essence of Gardening Crossfit the Amazing Mandy Gerth!!!

So welcome to the show today Mandy!

I first met Mandy, when I went to the Kalispell Farmer’s Market last spring hoping to meet some potential guests for my show and see what I could learn. Mandy stuck out to me right away because hanging above her head at the rear of her stand was a gorgeous oversized photograph of her children!

After purchasing the most DELICIOUS nutrient dense cauliflower from her she consented to doing an interview and I later found her on Facebook where I connected with her husband Jay. I saw that they were giving a farm tour in two weeks and marked it on my calendar. But I had no idea what I was going to see that day. I learned so much about where we want to get to. All the things my husband has been talking about and dreaming about were put into action all at the Lower Valley Farm.

If there was a Vogue for gardeners Mandy would take the cover. With the hot sunshine searing down on her back she took me and about 25-30 people around her farm, teaching us about their methods enabling them to produce enough food for market. I just cant find the word to help you visualize this woman, standing there all toned and muscular maneuvering the tools showing us how to use them effectively. There was so much food. So many plants. It looked like enough work for 6 people!!!

So I’ll let Mandy tell you more about how it works. Congratulations for being the Organic Gardener Podcast’s Crossfit Gardener of the Year for 2015. I’m not sure what prize you’ll actually get, maybe I can make you a certificate but you definitely win the award!!!

read more at www.organicgardenerpodcast.com

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