131. Beekeeping Education | Tamarack Apiaries | Lisa Foley | Kalispell, MT

Lisa Foley from Kalispell, MT is here to tell us about her new beekeeping and education business. What I love about Tamarack Apiaries is that they are really focused on the environment and helping the people who purchase their hives be successful. They don’t just sell you bees and send you packing they help with everything from setting up the hive …

Today’s guest is a business near me, in the Flathead Valley, but it might inspire you to create a similar business or find a local business like it. (If you don’t know a Tamarack is a western larch tree here in Montana that’s very beautiful.) Mike and I lost a hive this spring and I can testify that there’s a lot of parts and pieces, things you need to do right, having someone there that can be a resource, is a great thing, for the Flathead Vaelly and will be successful because they care about the environment and what happens to the bees.

Especially, I so disappointed our bees were all just buzzing a couple of weeks ago, and then all of a sudden one hive just died. So I am gonna have some questions. I am excited to introduce Lisa Foley!

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