136. Small Scale Life | Tom Domres | Minneapolis, MN

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Tom Dombres Small Scale Life

Im excited to introduce another podcaster! His show is called the Small Scale Life and of course you know I believe in a theory of abundance and that if you get something from my podcast and his podcast and someone else’s we’re all the better for it!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a husband, 22 years tomorrow so that will be great and an awesome anniversary! and we have 2 boys 21 & 17

My background professional civil engineer

working on light rail projects

2 billion light rail project, right now I’m


work for the federal govt

120 feet of raised beds but I’m renting so I can’t till up the backyard amd plant all of it, so it’s been sort of an interesting ride!

small scale life

My blog is smallscalelife.com launched a podcast launched on Jan 1… BUT WE’RE moving forward

The mission of small scale life to develop a healthy life, through

  • gradening,
  • healthy living frugal liveing and also having some adventruae and fun along the way
  • weight loss
  • adventures and doing some fun things
  • frugal living

We talk a lot about gardening, the latest piece that we have aded is the frugal living piece my wife is taking charge of trying to make our budget work and make our dollars stretch, I’m plugging in with that to, so we’ve got a lot of content coming and we have a lot out there.

We only started Small Scale Life in November before that I started small scale gardening which was all about gardening and I got into blogging world. I wanted to talk about a little bit more and so we’re opening it up now.

What’s your wife’s name?

Julie she is a Wedding florist, she has a studio business here at home called Julia’s Blooms

She does all kinds of events and weddings here in the twin cities for years.

read more at www.organicgardenerpodcast.com

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