142. Gluten Free Brunch Book | the Cheery Chef | Trista Ainsworth |  Western, OR

So I know some of you have heard me talk about my Freedom Journal that John Lee Dumas wrote on 100 days to Accomplish Your Goal… and there’s a Facebook Group that comes with it and Trista was in my group and we had a very similar goal! I think she is the first one to reach her goal. Which was to publish a book!

And she has published a cookbook called Recipes for A Cheery Life, a Gluten Free Brunch!

Recipes For a Cheery Life, Gluten Free Brunch

Sunday is Mother’s Day May 8th, today is May 5th when we’re recording. So I will try to get this up for you if you want to make a gluten free brunch, or even if you just want to make brunch I know these recipes are delicious anyway for Mother’s Day! (OK,  a little bit late?)

Maybe father’s day?!

Trista had 2 businesses baking for the Farmer’s Market and realized that many of her clients had special dietary restrictions so she designed the Recipes for A Cheery Life, a Gluten Free Brunch cookbook to help friends, family and clients all find easy solutions to cooking for people with allergies and specific dietary nutrition!


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