149. Neighborhood Gardeners of Idaho Facebook Group | Richard Mata | Nampa, Idaho

Richard Mata is a listener and member of the Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook Group and he is here to tell us about his gardening journey in Nampa, Idaho!  Richard is a great experimenter and inspirer and shares his passion for creating a greener world while growing some great tasting food!  www.organicgardenerpodcast.com

Some highlights from our interview:

Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden.

Mmmm well let me see… I love gardening all of it basically, I think I have

I call it the 3 ws

  • watering
  • waiting
  • weeding

Weeding is not so bad now, I looked online, IDK where I found it someone put newspaper down and put compost on top of it, and wet it and the weeds don’t grow there at all! You keep the soil nice and moist so you don’t have to water it as much

I did it just to see, I didn’t want to do it in both of my beds, I was afraid, it might not work, but it was amazing! It’s so cool, you hardly have to weed at all! Just put the newspaper down and it works! Don’t have to pick out or anything, it just helps the soil, decomposes! IT’s really cool! It was a really neat idea!

That will help with the weeding and sometimes the watering. I want to make my own drip system, something so I don’t have to go out there every time and stand there and wait! 

I hear ya! Sometimes at the end of a long day, when you only have a limited bit of time, it doesn’t seem like it takes long, sometimes it can be, moving the hose around, to get it to go where you want it to go, and it gets stuck on a rock, or running over the baby plants… lots of times on a hot sunny day,… putting the compost and straw down not only does it surpress the weeds it doesn’t require as much water!

What’s the W?!!!

While your waiting?

I KNOW IT takes a long time! I’m like how do you have the patience?

I know you have your veggies coning on all at once, then when it ready it comes on all at once… today we finally made it down to the garden and picked the cherries, but am I gonna get a chance to actually pit them? And then bake them? 

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden?

Harvesting! I think, harvesting is probably my most favorite thing to do. I love to get the boys out there and they get so excited! Look at the size of that tomato! There’s another pepper! They ask is it ready to pick? and I’ll be like yeah go for it?!!

At the beginning of the season, getting everything ready. getting the soil ready, if you have to get fertilizer, or buy soil? Or seed packets?

Heat MAt

funny! I remember, beginning of the year, IDK where i was at home depot or some store with the seeds and there’s no way I could plant them all! I took a selfie, oh boy its’ happening!!!

And the conclusion:

RICHARD You ROCK!!! I know listeners are gonna be so inspired to get out in the dirt and get their kids out there like you do and I can’t believe how sweet you and your wife are and  you guys are heroes taking in foster kids and adopting 3 children that are you own! I love seeing your pictures in the Facebook group and thanks so much for listening today I hope you’ll connect both in the Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook Community! and Richard’sNeighborhood Gardeners of Idaho Facebook Group! And my website is getting a revamp so by the end of August it should be looking sharp! By Maya we hope to talk to you when you get your own garden growing!!!! 

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