150. Regenerative Agriculture Advocate | Board Policy Chair for the Rodale Institute | Elizabeth Kucinich


Professor. Consultant. Producer. Regenerative Agriculture Advocate. 

Champion for Peace, Animals & the Environment

Board Policy Chair for the Rodale Institute

Elizabeth Kucinich shares her journey to the United States, her work for social justice, monetization reform and the NEED Act (National Emergency Employment Defense Act), her work as a film producer, animal rights, a nutritious Vegan diet, sustainable agriculture and using regenerative agorganic practices to help reverse climate change effects by sequestering carbon through photosynthesis and simple crop rotation practices. You won’t want to miss this one inspiration in every sentence!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m British, as you can tell from my strange accent, I came over here 11 years ago to work on monetary policy reform, my key drive really being a little bit lazy wanting to change the world as quickly as possible so I wanted to find out what was the key driver that was causing the so much social and ecological destruction.  

I didn’t believe that we humans are innately evil, but that there are systems set up that are quite flawed and maybe the previous designers didn’t design them the wait hey should. 

When I was 18 I started looking into monetary policy and understood it was actually our debt based money system that was creating all of these pressures, that we are borrowing money into existence, not borrowing money once it’s in circulation but to get it to exist in the first place. So there isa debt for every dollar that we have circulating in our economy before we even borrow it for things like buying cars and houses and all that. That is what is  causing in trying to keep up with this exponential growth of  debt and interest that is being carried on this money that’s what’s driving us to have to turn more and more of natures resources into stuff and then junk every single year  in what is called “Growth” just to keep up with this!

I came over to the states to work on Monetary Reform and the restricting of the money supply. My first week in, after my first week I managed to meet with this gentleman named Dennis Kucinich! And the second time I met with him we got engaged and three months later we were married!

Kucinich Engagement

He happened to be a member of Congress who’d run for President!

Regenerative Agriculture

I’m in Boulder, Colorado at a conference on International Systems Theory

The theme of the conference is socioecological systems and regenerative approaches to not only can we have a sustainable world because sustaining destruction is not very sustainable but really how do we regenerate ?

How do we regenerate:

  • our economy?
  • our community?
  • our environment?


It really takes just a slight shift in thinking, instead of looking at problems and how we solve our problems, we have to look at opportunities and also envision what we want to see.

So it’s true enough climate change is a disaster! A diabolical potential situation with effects that we’re feeling and seeing all around the world immediately right now! But let’s think, what we have in climate change, one of the key drivers  is we’re really good at burning stuff and were really good at putting CO2 and other gases into our atmosphere but we’re not very good at bringing them back down again. 


But we we can bring them down again and let me tell you we need to do that! Not only to resolve climate change but also, because what we have done with our food system, with the way we grow our food crops is that our soil has become depleted, our fields naturally were once were carbon sinks, they would pull down carbon out of the atmosphere because CO2 is absorbed by plants in this wonderful magical process called photosynthesis!

And anybody who is interested in continuing the conversation I’d love to hear from you!

Elizabeth Kucinich Facebook Page

read full show notes at the Organic Gardener Podcast

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