151. Golden Seeds | Basia Dominas | Boston, MA

Basia Dominas Episode 151 Organic Gardener Podcast

Basia Dominas is a member of the Organic Gardner Podcast Facebook group and does she drop some Golden Seeds today!!! I know this is going to be one of the most inspiring interviews I have done! So if you’re listening Basia and I just jumped right in and I thought it was all gold so I kept the skype call ring and everything… silly me, sometimes I can get a little carried away with not wanting to leave anything out! Hope you enjoy something a little different!

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My name is Basia Dominas pronounced Basha … I’m a biology student at UMASS Boston, I basically have a victory garden, it’s just 25 by 75 feet I cover the entire space with flowers and vegetables! I do not have a business because it’s just too small, I’m too busy and my boyfriend works at a hospital and so we can’t put enough time into the garden to sell any of it. I just grow it for fun! We have a lot of vegetables that we consume and that we give to neighbors and family. We don’t have a business make a profit off of it! I just do it love!!!


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