155. Painted Mountain Open Pollinated Corn | North Frontier Foods | Dave Christensen | Big Timber, MT

Seed We Need Dave Christensen Painted Mountain CornDave Christensen is here from North Frontier Foods and Seed We Need

North Frontier Foods Dave Christensen open pollinated cornI’ve been trying to get this guest on for a long time, becasue I am going to be running some replays from last year’s AERO’s expo as a run up to this years AERO expo October 7-9, 2016.  I didn’t meet Dave at last year’s Expo but I heard all about him. He’s with us today and he has some amazing corn he is going to tell us about!

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Painted Mountain has the colors of the rainbow and the antioxidant qualities that come with those many colors. Recent research demonstrates clearly that Dave’s breeding has real potential for human health.

I have spent most of my adult life creating this important gene pool of corn that is one of the most productive crops for stressed regions of the world.  This primitive corn is capable of helping many more people overseas, and farmers in the western USA, but it needs continued breeding to improve it.

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AERO has been a tremendous help for me as far as connecting me with other people! I’ve been developing my Painted Mountain Corn for 45 years and it’s been on the market for almost 30 years! But going to AERO I met other like minded people and ran into other people who would grow different genetic lines for me. I am developing several different genetic lines that I believe the world is going to need in the future, if not right now,  some people need right now. So AERO introduced me to other like minded people who are helping me  develop these lines because you need a different farm for each line because you have to keep the pollen away from contamination.

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