157. Instant Organic Garden | Don Rosenberg | North Carolina

Don Rosenberg from Instant Organic Garden teaches how to grow enough organic food for a family of four easily with little work or space. And we all know I love easiness because we are all so busy out there! So welcome to Don Rosenberg from Instant Organic Garden I was so honored when you sent your books. I think it’s a fit for my listeners who I call Green Future Growers because we’re all looking to grow a greener future so whether they grow a small box sizer backyard garden like me or a giant mini farm like my husband I know you’re gonna help us make it easier. www.organicgardnerpodcast.com

I’m in anything NC, best thing is go to instant…

Instant Organic Garden Website

check out the Instant Organic Garden website… learn about the Charlotte beds. I have fabric raised beds, I can teach you about. most of that is raised Information is most open to the public…some is published material or be a member of the website or buy one of the books to get access…

really there’s a lot of very useful info articles, interviews etc…

No Green Thumb Required Don Rosenberg

No Green Thumb Required: Organic Family Gardening Made Easy

I take you through everything we just discuseed:

  • planning,
  • planting
  • building
  • tricks on interplanting,
  • succession planting…
  • keep your lettuce growing, and just clear a spot for your tomato seedling to grow in, spring crops mixed with

tomatoes tall enough, given up the goat

remove them

getting the most productivity

other part of the No Green Thumb Required…

relates back tot he kids that we talked about

25 different micro projects to get your kids involved in the garden. Requires even a table of contents for kids projects…learning about 

  • insects in the garden
  • doing Theres with different kins of soil.
  • using your math to learn how much fertilizer or garden soil you need?
  • how many square feet of garden soil
  • shows you how to deal with experiments, deer, and pests

It’s also a quick read.

I love it cause it’s full of charts and graphs and it’s very kid friendly and I was gonna take it in. and one of the things I want to talk to them about is what do we cook in the cafeteria and what do we want to grow so I love the charts and graphs will help for science….

The Organic Gardener's Cookbook

The Organic Gardener’s Cookbook: Easy Growing Tips and Delicious Recipes for Your Home-Grown Vegetables

People really like this and my listeners download the episodes about food…

I had all these happy customers and they were growning so much food, like definitely growing arugula and asparagus and didn’t know what to do with it. 

I teamed up with a local chef in Charlotte her name is Megan Lambert she

works with College of Culinary Arts at  Johnson and Wales University and she is very much also into organic gardening and eating healthy food. So the sub title to that is Easy Growing Tips and Delicious Recipes for Your Home-Grown Vegetables

what I did with gardening

three things to think about with

raised beds

arugala weedless

what about cooking

  • having a garden,
  • knowing what to grow
  • what tools you need
  • how to be free from recipe cards

A lot of times as a cook there’s seven ingredients and ou have 5 of them…

I agree totally!

so what she was able to do, was say look! Take what you have in your arugula, and pantry and this is how ou put it together. The other piece of the 3 part puzzle

basics of cooking

  • how to cut up an onion
  • how to make a stew
  • how to saute

garden for beginners… so we had a contest and reached out to everybody in the country

and we got recipes back for how they prepare vegetables

  • bed&breakfasts
  • restaurants
  • chose the best of those go in the book

reached out to our families

for basically every recipe what Megan did, shat she talked about was if you don’t have this you can do this. 

In the beginning we talk everywhere the basics of having a garden

  • how to set up the garden
  • how to build a about bed
  • how to plant

once your spring crops have matured

what are you gonna cook from what you are harvesting spring garden?

how do you prepare for your summer crops?

Then how are you gonna cook those?

what problems will ou have in the summer

these are the summer crops

  • how to get started
  • how to cook what you just grew

can be bought together but both stand alone

  • really practical
  • easy common sense inexpensive

productive garden

get kids involved’

creating a tradition for your family that’s gonna go on for generations…

look forward look forward to having your listeners check it out, happy gardening!

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