160. Agritrue | Fertilizer for Less | Blake Akers | Alabama

I’m excited to introduce this guest who is one of those forward thinking entrepreneurial visionaries I love. He’s going to talk us about his new venture Agritrue and Fertilizer For Less!

Blake Akers Bio Photo

Blake Akers Agriture and FertilizerForLess.com

Blake is an Air Force Veteran who worked in Radio Frequency communications. He has spent the last 14 years working in Information Technology in some form or fashion including a brief venture into the world of SCADA Automation. He holds four college degrees including an undergraduate in computer science and an MBA. He founded his own Web Development and IT consulting firm in 2013, and started working for himself full-time this year. One of his latest projects is Agritrue.comAgritrue is a community policed, beyond organic food certification and labeling program. It was designed to provide a low barrier to entry alternative to USDA organic. Agritrue is also an online directory where local consumers and producers can connect and grow the local food economy.

Listen to the whole interview here

Agritrue Website Page

How do we connect with you?

for agriture…Agritrue.com


whole gardening

For web design websites for several farms

email at Blake@blakedevelopment.net






Agritrue YouTube Video

Agritrue Video Link

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