Mastery Journal – Organifi and the Food Babe | A healthier cruelty-free you in 2017 | Rocking it Montana style

Have you ever wanted more discipline and focus when it comes to your health? Do you make New Years Resolutions that go unfilled?

Do you want to rock 2017 as bad as I do?

John Lee Dumas Mastery Journal

So, 2016 was an amazing year for me and the other day I downloaded the first 30 days of  John lee Dumas’ newest book, the Self-Mastery Journal yesterday. Then I wanted to puke. Yikes! This seemed so formal, so difficult and looking back at last years resolutions felt absolutely helpless.

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But after studying it for a day…  and recently listening to a replay Season 2 of Kate’s Take all about systems and processes I thought maybe I can finally do this and change for good.

I really want to be healthy, energetic, and pretty. Mostly I want to live a cruelty free life and make nutritious good-for-my-planet decisions. There’s no excuse for me to be so overweight. There’s no excuse for me to eat so much processed unhealthy food. So I’m curious… Do you feel that way too? 

If you do! I invite you to join me in making 2017 your healthiest year ever.

Today is Wednesday Dec 21st and after talking to Denny Krahe yesterday about nutrient dense food and cravings based on a lack of minerals, I decided to reread the Food Babe Way and see what was successful last year, what wasn’t and how can I rock 2017?


So the  Vani Hari has 21 actions steps. In Kate’s Take fashion I broke these 21 steps into 3 columns. Her steps are daily, weekly, and monthly, but I broke mine into:

  • Easy
  • Challenging
  • Difficult

Easy, Challenging yet invigorating, and Difficult, these are going to be hard to keep.




Day One of the Food Babe Way plan is to drink a warm glass of lemon water each day. OK, that goes on under easy right? Well, for me it’s not so easy because I live out of a cooler for the most part. Her secret is to start the night before, get your water out so it’s room temp. Put the lemon on the cutting board with the knife the night before.

Santa Organifi Green Juice

 use promo code OGP16 at checkout for a 15%discount!

I recently had a conversation with a rep from Organifi (and now you can get a 15% discount!) I said, you don’t understand, I’m a teacher, I don’t have time to put the scoop of Organifi in my cup (ingredient list here).

He laughed and said, sounds like you don’t have time not too.Organifi Freedom Journal

So I applied Kate’s Take’s systems and processes to this for the month of December:

First I would take clean 5 glass canning jars a week and put a scoop of Organifi in each one. This made it so much easier. I already haul several gallon jugs of water to my room for coffee (yes, I make time for coffee) so it’s basically just pour, shake and drink.

One warning, canning jars leak so make sure you have it sealed tight when you shake. This has increased my Organifi consumption and therefore my healthy nutrients for the week exponentially.So it’s just been a great lilttle tip that’s worked for me is to get it ready on Sunday and the things I love about Organifi is the ingredients…


I found it because John Lee Dumas talks about it on his show and he is just super healthy, when I met him last spring I thought this guy glows! I asked him if he really drinks it and he swears by it.

Many of you know I turned 49 last summer and being ready to rock my 50s working  on just trying to look my best, the Rodan + Fields thing is going great! I love their skin care products. Now I am trying to be ready to pick it up a notch, I’m gonna work on my eating and nutrients and try to be a little more cruelty free- one thing the Food Babe talks about is locally grown, grass fed beef and dairy, that’s grown in a sustainable matter. For me it would be dairy products cause I eat a lot of dairy. She talks a lot about the food industry, her food babe army, if your interested in environmentalism and the food in our society that we eat, she gets petitions signed that help her get meetings with Chipolte, Subway, Kraft etc…


Food Babe Way Vani Hari

Anyway if you want to join me in my 100 days to self mastery and my healthiest fittest year ever grab a copy of the Food Babe Way either on amazon or at the library… sign up for the Self-Mastery Journal and let’s go!

John Lee Dumas Mastery Journal

Because not playing is not an option!

Solopreneur Hour Running In Paris

Listening to Solopreneur Hour and running through Paris

Here’s to a great 2017!


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