162. Tasteful Nutrient Dense Gardening | Vermiculture | Denny Krahe Returns | Central Florida

I’m super excited because I am going back to interview my friend  from Podcaster’s Paradise in episode #1 that he had to record back then, I was listening earlier but it’s pretty fun, and still full of golden seeds… one thing I was gonna tell listeners if you want to go back and listen to it I think you have to go to my website and download it, it’s not available on iTunes anymore….

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Today, anyway I am here to talk with Denny Krahe from central Florida, who is a runner, and his emails inspire me, one of the few still in my inbox, and regularly, even though I get to run enough, and I recently found out a lot of listeners are in Florida! He has so many golden seeds to share with everyone.

Some golden seeds from today’s episode include:

I was composting for a bit, that was going all right! 

Planet Natural Vermiculture composting worms

Planet Natural Vermiculture composting worms


  • recycle food scraps
  • improve soil

and in the last year and half or so…. I’ve gotten into the vermiculture where you’re using worms to compost for you! And that’s been going really good!

I have a bucket, like a tote! A 30 gallon tote something like that…IDK maybe 18 gallon…! You know the thing you get a Home Depot and pack your blankets in over the summer time …

I just put my food scraps and bunch of worms in that thing and they do a their work! It’s cool to recycle the food scraps that way and improve the soil

  • add worm castings
  • more mulch
  • improve cover crops

every 3 months or so I put some fresh worm castings on to the soil and add more mulch, improve with cover crops, picking tomatoes yesterday.

You can listen to the whole episode at the Organic Gardener Podcast.

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Whether it’s running or gardening…or whatever… I love to connect….if I sound remotely interesting…

lots of fun, lots of support. whether your new to running or a Boston qualifier! We have a good time.

It’s not just for Florida!

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