163. | FARMWORKS BUILDERS| Creating Green Jobs and Helping Green Entrepreneurs | Chris West | Ann Arbor, Michigan

I hope your excited to learn about an innovator green job creator and advocate for sustainable agriculture who’s growing businesses Farmworks Ann Arbor and Farmworks Builders will inspire and excite you to know someone else out there is working to help change our world by educating communities, protecting our environment, creating jobs and growing healthy nutritious food all at the same time! 

Welcome to episode 163 of the Organic Gardener Podcast. I am so excited because we are talking on Christmas Eve 2016 because we both love our planet and the environment! 

FARMWORKS Builders The Opportunity

I am very excited to introduce the founder of Farmworks Ann Arbor and FARMWORKS Builders today.

FarmWorks Grow Better Gardens Website

Chris West – Founder

Born and raised in rural Napoleon, Michigan, Chris West started his first business cutting grass for his neighbors.  A spirit for self sufficiency and a love for design and nature began there and has culminated with FarmWorks, producer of the world’s finest raised bed gardens.

Chris and Xinyan West Farmworks Ann Arbor Farmworks Builders

Chris lives and works with his wife Xinyan, and is the super proud father of 4 awesome children. 

So today to share his gardening journey and his business journey and his entrepreneurship! Im so excited you took time out of Christmas Eve to share with us today! And you have 4 kids I didn’t realize that til this morning! Thanks for coming on with my busy schedule!!! 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a very proud father! I have 4 children, 3 girls and a boy. I’ve been bouncing around, in the Marine corps in Southern California, I spent a good bit of my developing years in that neck of the woods. I spent a lot of time in Corporate America, my background was in Sales and Marketing, I was the Western regional director … also got into advertising and television along that way….

I just got to the point, I kind of woke up! You just Wake up to some things! I just wanted to get out of that. Fell back on the things with I grew up with,mowing those yards and must started FarmWorks out of that. I just converted that to a raised bed setting, took some pictures, set it up online and the next thing you know I got people saying can  you do that for me?

FarmWorks Garden One Man's Dream


OK, tell people about your beautiful website! It’s so beautiful already, you were saying in the pre-chat that it’s gonna be changing! 

So FarmWorkswe are an innovative garden design company, and we build a garden of any scale for any particular reason. We go the raised bed route, because one of our mottos is 


“less work and more food”

As anyone in the gardening world knows, it’s a tremendous amount of work, weeding an other aspects to it, and it’s pretty labor intensive. So kind of our goal and we move forward into this technological future is to alleviate a lot of those laborous aspects to it so you can really just produce high yielding plants, high yielding fruits and vegetables and things along those lines.

Do you have an inspiration tip or quote to help motivate our listeners to reach into that dirt and start their own garden?

I can’t believe your not a millennial because I just I love how you care about our planet and creating green jobs… 

From the millennial aspect my oldest children are 23 & 19:? call me the bridge between  the old and the new… digital world… they know considerable more of it because they are immersed in it since birth… but that connection is a very strong one and that’s probably why folks around our age group …. we take this very seriously ….a touch more experience … we failed more ways so stay steer clear of this … 


From an inspirational quote, up the road from us is a place called Greenfield Village, it’s an outdoor museum

It’s Henry Ford’s Museum  and I am just really inspired by Henry Ford, there’s always the good when it comes to automobiles how he was able to elevate the living standard of Americans, he’s always been an inspiration … didn’t get his business started till he was in his 40s and there’s a quote not by him but by Daniel Webster, it’s on my website too:


“When the tillage begins all the arts can follow”

The person who gets the food growing, all the other arts can follow, … so the farmer is the person who creates civiiliation because the food has been taken care of … so I take that very seriouslly… 

So I say let’s found something new here… there needs to be the next step …

analog way of doing things

shepard it don’t whip it… shepard it… we can create something very special and put our own mark in history… this is our opportunity to do it…

it’s very clear if something does’t change, the writing is on the walll. so let’s do this.. that’s my motto…

I was thinking it was a Henry Food quote you were gonna say is that Whether you can or you can’t you’re right…

Whether you believe you can or you can’t you’ll be right…

How do we connect with you?

Reach me at  Farmworks Ann Arbor


FarmWorks Facebook Page

I’m on Facebook

All the typical digital stuff

I like to talk to everybody we can all improve our knowlege..!

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 7.56.07 AM.png

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