Winner of Floret Farm Cut Flower Garden Book Announcement!

Cut Flower Garden

So, I picked the winner today!


I made a list of all the comments, wrote a number for each one, put them in a box, shook it, picked a number and the winner is! #2 Linda Sowas! I’m so excited!


Here’s her comment:

What a lovely story. When I was 10 or 12 I ordered seed packets and sold them to neighbors. I definitely didn’t get rich (we lived in the country and we had five neighbors) but I started growing some seeds myself and I thought it was magic.

While raising my family I always thought it important to have a garden and provide my kids with fresh vegetables.

I really like the “dipping our toe in the world” quote and I think I will make that my mantra this year.

I’ve been thinking about growing lavender for a cash crop and I’ve decided to try it this year.

Thanks for the motivation and “keep on planting”.

Congratulations Linda!!!

Remember if you didn’t win I encourage you to go to amazon or your favorite book store/website and purchase your own copy of Erin’s book and maybe one for a loved one, it makes a great mother’s day gift for anyone who loves flowers!



Then go to amazon and write her a review! Remember there is nothing more you can do for an author then give them a positive review with 5 stars!

And of course I am going to encourage you to click on the link on my website if you go to amazon because that will give me a tiny tiny commission but it would sure help!

Any way! Congratulations! I’m so glad so many listeners are out there enjoying the podcast as much as I do! As always it’s an honor to be the host and I will try to get my episodes that are in the bank caught up asap! If there happens to be anyone who’d like to help with the show-notes, for sure I could use it, especially someone who could make them briefer!

Have a great day and let’s get growing!

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