178. PITMOSSⓇ | Ashley Mariani | Waynesboro, PA

PITMOSSⓇ it’s soft, light, fluffy, holds a ton of moisture but it’s certainly not your typical bag of potting soil and if you garden you are gonna love it!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Absolutely, I have a pretty diverse background. I started in politics working in the mayor’s office but got bored at that so I went back to college, got 2 graduate degrees.  At that time I started working for a software company and built up their marketing team. Was getting a little stale. I wanted to do something I was more passionate about be able to get up every day and really believe in my work.

I started consulting with PITMOSS about a year ago, helping with social media and marketing they were lucky and getting to know the business. They were fortunate to secure a round of funding and bring me on full time, so I quit my job, took a leap. My role is to spread the word of PITMOSS and control all of our digital assets our website, amazon, also help promote and educate gardeners and consumers about what our product is and how it’s different then a typical growing media.

I just had to cut in and tell listeners that Mike and I are both using it and love it!


It is! It’s different then anything that you would be used to grabbing off the shelves at the home and garden center or Lowes. Especially if you consider the weight of it, you’re walking down the aisle and you would almost hurt your back

yank off the bag of potting soil

If you yank off a bag of PITMOSS

not that much of a problem

  • 1/2 the weight
  • made from cellulose fiber. We have a propriety process where we
  • grind up newspaper
  • the size of the fiber is very important to us
  • the process of taking the newspaper breaking it down to a blend
  • that is perfect for plant growth

then we

add in organic ingredients to make it more of a growing media not just a cellulose fiber that’s ground up. We work our magic in a big mixer and that’s how we produce our PITMOSS

really unlike anything else

Has nothing in it like

  • no vermiculite

  • no perlite

It’s really just a product stands on it’s own and is a totally different environment then your plants are used to growing in.

Mike and I were wondering you mix this with dirt or you put the seeds right in there?

great question

Up until this past year we sold a lot of our product to commercial growers and that product was


PITMOSS prime is a

soil ammendment

soil conditioner

mix with compost would be great ideal!

2/3 to 1/3

You can mix it with

miracle grow basic soil


The one thing missing from


any type of soil

mix with something with nutrients

providing your typical soil with

  • porosity

  • aeration

  • water holding capacity

Helps whatever soil your used to working with. We do have home gardeners who want to use it like a typical home potting soil so we did just launch

PittMoss Performance Grow Bigger Stronger Plants

PITMOSSⓇ Performance that has a

  • controlled release formula
  • starter charge
  • seed germination and begin to grow your plants
  • grow the plants

prime… is a soil amendment.

I guess I’m confused what would your home gardener use?

PITMOSS PERFORMANCE you would liken that to

  • miracle grow
  • fox farm
  • happy frog
  • that sort of blend

PITMOSS has everything you need to get started

pot your plants

You can mix PITMOSSperformance in with your garden the real thing the

material in prime and performance is going to be beneficial no matter what you mix it with it’s going to help soil be better for plants. You can’t go wrong if you  need something with a little less nutrition

PITMOSSPrime Perfect if you already have a compost or soil that your using

PITMOSSⓇ Performance you can just buy a bag and plant right in that…

Listen to the whole interview at www.organicgardenerpodcast.com


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