Farm To Pizza | Red Tractor Pizza | Bozeman, MT

So before I left Bozeman I had to go back to the Red Tractor Pizza and try it and I AM SOOOOO Glad I did! 

Red Tractor Pizza Farm To Pizza

I got the Farmhand with roasted squash!

Each ingredient melts in your mouth complementing the others perfectly. I might not put kalamata olives on truth be told because they are a little overpowering but the sprouted grain crust, pesto sauce, tomatoes and spinach blended with the tastiest fresh sprouts make for the most delicious mix of flavors.


I’ve had some great food here in Bozeman the last few days. Salad from the CO-OP with yummy baked tofu! Mmmm, I might have to run back across the street to get some to take home, veggie sandwich (1/2 sandwich) that is from the Pickle Barrel makes me wonder how Subway stays in business. They put them to shame, and that doesn’t even count the fact that you can order online during a busy lunch hour and have your food out in minutes!

Red Tractor Pizza Farm To Pizza Local Sourced Restaurant

But this pizza is the best! 

So glad I came today!

YUM! YUM! Yum! if you’re ever in town you have to stop here.

Oh, yeah and did I forget to mention I came in because they are Farm-To-Table?! Hoping to do an interview with the owner when I get back to my mic!


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