183. Urban Gardening the 1849 Medicine Garden | Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis | Bonnie Rose Weaver | San Francisco, CA

Another Rockstar Millennial here to tell help educate people about caring for our environment! From 1849 Medicine Garden Bonnie Rose Weaver is here to share her story! She’s written a book called Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis which I know many green future growers will be interested in!


During the first three years, we grew over fifty western medicinal herbs in 1/16th of an acre in San Francisco, CA. Our goal was to increase our regional medicine chest and promote the use, knowledge and access to medicinal herbs in our city.

1849 Medicine Garden

Somewhere between a small urban farm and a demonstration garden our principal question was: What is local medicine?  How do we cultivate a local medicine movement and local healing communities?

Beginning in January 2015 we offered an 18 month herbal subscription (or CSA, Community Supported Agriculture) from 1849 Medicine Garden to our San Francisco community consisting of a tincture and a informational piece of art.  We also used the garden to host classes and events.

I encourage you to listen to the full interview with the eloquent and delightful Bonnie Rose Weaver at our website www.organicgardenerpodcast.com

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