Harvesting Swiss Chard for the Farmer’s Market Summer 2017 at Mike’s Green Garden

Pile of Swiss Chard for market

So today, I harvested an entire cooler full of swiss chard to take to the farmer’s market tonight.

  • It’s fresh!
  • It’s crisp!
  • It was pretty easy todo!
  • and it was fun!

because I listened to this great new podcast I found that will hopefully help me serve you better!

The Wellness Business Podcast logo

Overflowing cooler full of swiss chard

I tried to do a Facebook Live while I was picking because it was so beautiful out there but my phone was too far away from the wifi and there was not enough of a cell phone signal to get online.


So I’m looking for some recipes to share at the market. Here’s some great ones from Martha Stewart that I might adapt. I wonder if I can let people taste food if I’m not selling it, like a dip that I made if I’m only selling the ingredients part. I think I’d have to let them taste a store bought dip until I take a sampling class. Joyce Pinson talked about that in her episode.

Here’s where you find the regulations for Montana Farmer’s Markets!

I like this salad especially the way they shred the veggies but I don’t really have any of these ingredients. I like the sounds of this tangy ginger swiss chard with jalepeno peppers. I love this swiss chard pie,swiss chard pie, reminds me of a calzone and I would probably have to put some ricotta or cottage cheese in mine.

I’ll have to keep looking

Here’s my tips for choosing the best greens for sandwiches or salads.

Last night while I was blanching beet greens, I made some “candied treats where I soaked the beet stems in sugar to make a sort of syrup. They were delicious. Probably not the healthiest treat but way better then rhubarb and pretty yummy! And probably a lot better then ice cream with chocolate syrup right?!

Anyway today I found this recipe for Swiss Chard Brittle that sounded like something I should try!

This recipe from All Recipes is right up my alley and probably closest to what I do with chard the most when just cooking for a side dish.

Do you have a favorite chard recipe?

Swiss chard at the Farmer's Market

So I made it to the market. I didn’t sell any swiss chard although I sent some home with friends. That’s ok, I can cook it for me today and now it’s harvested. 


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