Sunflower Magic

I feel the same way i love that ur garden bringing you joy is a big part of ur why! Beautiful flowers my sunflowers are just coming on on this sode of the world!

Our Small Urban Farm

I know my love of all things Sunflower isn’t unique. These flowers capture the hearts and imagination of so many and feature in many designs and art works.

First hint of that flower The beginning.

Today I wanted to share with you my own personal ‘wander through the sunflower magic’; which has been a major JOYful role in Our Small Urban Farm during its growth.

Slowly waking up

Our awesome permaculture teacher Geoff Lawton  promoted that we establish productive reasons for growing food or keeping stock on a farm and right then I decided that THE JOY FACTOR was one of my top contenders on that list.

Unwrapping the happy.

Multiheaded Wonder The result of a stray seed falling from my bag of Chook (hen) Food. It was amazing watching the big, multi-headed story unfold. ps The seed from this wasn’t viable at all.

Sharing with cheeky friends (1)

We get to share with cheeky friends as well. They don’t seem to eat much and…

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