213. Super Easy Food Preserving with Megan Cain | Quick Techniques for Fresh, Fridge and Freezer Storage | Bonus Episode

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Super Easy Food Preserving


I’m super excited this morning because today’s featured guest is the most downloaded guest of all time. Here to share with us more of her amazing knowledge from the Creative Vegetable Gardener is Megan Cain!

Creative Vegetable Gardener Website

Welcome back Megan! I spoke with Megan in episode 44 & then again on episode  70 (Make Your Garden Harvest Last All Year Longepisode 115, and in Feb we did a bonus episode about her Smart Start Planning Guide in Feb!)


Mini-Farm Preserving

I reached out to her because Mike has been so busy down with the mini farm! He has already canned:

  • 51 pints of beans
  • 12 pints of pickled beets
  • 9 pints of carrots
  • 14 1/2 pints of Oregon grape jelly

and when he was making the grape jelly he was going thru Megan’s book and kept coming up to me saying did you see this? Did you know this? Haven’t you been asking me about this?

And so I asked Megan if she wanted to come back and talk with us again about her amazing book Super Easy Food Preserving Quick Techniques for Fresh, Fridge and Freezer Storage. Some of my favorite features in the book is she has a great worksheet right off the bat where you start strategically thinking about your garden needs. I always love worksheets and checklists! And it’s full of questions I wouldn’t think of necessarily like

  • “What foods do I want to eat out of season?
  • What tastes better when I eat them during the local growing season?”

Sounds like Mike’s been busy!

2017 Garden Challenges

Yes, but we’ve been having so many challenges this year!

  • Deer 
  • Squirrels
  • Hail
  • Fires
  • Voles
  • Mice
  • Bugs and insects
  • Drought – no rain since June
  • Predators – Skunks or something got the duck and one of our cats

I do a lot of food preserving. I lived on a farm and we did a lot of preserving. And mostly we did canning. We moved to Wisconsin. Then we moved here I had a garden, I thought that’s how I preserve food, I did a lot of canning, but I didn’t really like it! 

There’s got to be some easier ways to preserve food then canning

I did research and so I talked to people and started to piece together quicker and easier ways to preserve food then canning! 

I started to tell friends and neighbors I saw that was a common belief. When people think about canning! That’s what my book explores.

If you like canning you should continue to do it!

But for people who don’t have time for canning

  • need equipment
  • easier ways
  • don’t need special equipment!

We do have one or two days to can salsa because I haven’t found a good substitute. We do a little bit of canning, it’s hard to fit it in and we kind of dread it but we do it because we love having salsa


Listen to the full episode at the Organic Gardner Podcast Website

  • fresh
  • fridge
  • freezer
  • The trick with fall gardening is plant growth basically stops when you get less then 10 hours of light a day. Things are not growing but you’re basically trying to keep things alive to continue harvest
  • we could do a show on it
  • takes a bit of experimenting
  • online class
  • people
  • extend your harvest – plant your fall garden
  • Videos on how to build my low tunnels
  • little update video each month to show people what I still have in my garden
  • come back and we can talk about season extension

You can do it end of the winter and start harvesting things much earlier really fun for people living in colder areas like we do so you feel like your getting even more out of your garden in those shoulder months like Nov and March usually not a lot of things going on.

I planted a small fall garden but it needs water! I also think maybe listeners are not in the north where we are , maybe they;re in the south and it’s too hot in the summer and need to plan a fall garden too!

We lost a lot of plants because of cold winters. Some options. Spinach

Mike had a lot of volunteers that came out of the compost!

Make sure you visit her website!

I love to hear from people! Come join my gardening community the Flavorful Life Club



The Creative Vegetable Gardener FaceBook page


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Super Easy Food Preserving Quick Techniques for Fresh, Fridge and Freezer Storage.

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