For New Listeners an Updated About Page Post


Launch Day  • January 29, 2015

We have some new listeners and I thought I’d introduce myself to the Progressive Radio Network audience or if you’re new to the show.


I’m the host Jackie Marie Beyer and I’m married to Mike who is the real gardener. We live in NW Montana on 20 acres although when we only garden about an acre of it if that.

JMB Blue Hat Sunflowers

SashaMyFriendI grew up on Long Island about 20 miles from NYC. When I was in 4th  grade I read Sasha, My Friend by Barbara Corcoran which is a story about a little girl who moves to her dad’s Christmas tree farm in northwest Montana. From that day on I was determined to move there and when I turned 21 I entered the University of Montana in Missoula. During my junior year I met my husband on a mountainside here in the Kootenai National Forest and we have been happily married for over 20 years now!


Mike’s goal is so we have enough food we don’t have to buy as much produce. He’d like to grow our own wheat so he can use it for baking bread and cookies.


We have a new well, we dug a new well 560 feet a few years ago so he put in what I call the mini-farm.

Mike and the Minifarm

We are here to help you grow your own organic oasis.


I interviewed Kim Romeril in New Zealand in episode 142 who talked about Cruelty Free Living and Jon Moore in Australia who runs the podcast World Organic News.

kune kune saddleback cross piglet Sophie Boris

I’m just the humble host, my guests are amazing!

If you’re interested in Growing a Greener Future

I interview anyone from backyard gardeners, market farmers, or sustainable businesses from organic ice cream to green building…. I love biographies, I’d love to be a children’s book illustrator someday so I love interviewing people.



I love Technology

I have been podcasting since 2015. I love to talk about that if you want to ever chat about that I can talk about podcasting all day long. I learned from John Lee Dumas and Kate Erikson, when I joined Podcaster’s Paradise I thought Mike would have a podcast, but we do! We listen in our gardens, when exercising, driving in our cars, doing the dishes!

The guests on my show are so interesting, we’re always sharing tips on how to protect our planet

A lot of my guests have said they weren’t fond of gardening as kids.

My questions start with tell us about your very first garden expereience and even if we didn’t like gardening in the beginning we develope our love of it form parents and grandparents so if you have a child, nephew, neice, grandchild, who is being resistant, just try to make it fun and encourage them and share your passion and you’ll be surprised maybe one will be a gardener too some day.

We have 2 daughters (well I have 2 step-daughters) and 5 grandkids…

Megan Cain has been the most downloaded because she shares so much!

I did take a break from teaching and Mike and I delievered the paper for 16 months or so, and it enabled me to get the show off the ground, maybe there’s a teacher shortage and last summer 6 principals called me and I ended up going back in the classroom. I already have 16 episodes recorded althoguh not edited.

Mike’s kind of shy I haven’t got him to do an interview but he has let me take some videos and he has a wealth of knowledge. We have learned a lot since we started the podcast.

Some farmers from the Orkestai Farm on Long Island recommended the broadfork and boy do we love that!

broadfork from Amazon

broad fork


Anything you’d like to learn let us know

how to grow enough potatoes

Mike and Potatoes 2014

if we don’t know them I an reach out to some people, someone asked me about gardening in Texas and one person booked right away. I still try to do them

I’m a morning girl, I complain about Daylight Savings all year, because in Montana it stays light way to late and stays dark too late in the morning.

Reach out to me or

I am going to suggest if you like what you hear and want to share, I just found an amazing podcast. Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers and I wish her listeners would put more

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