192. Urban Farm | Greg Peterson | Pheonix, AZ


Greg Peterson host of the Urban Farm Podcast is here to share his gardening knowledge and expertise.


I call my audience Green Future Growers people who are interested in growing a more earth friendly world and taking care of our planet.  I know you’ve been doing this for a long time and taking care of the southern part of the US. I’m just the humble host. I have an inner desire to be a biographer some day so this is like getting to do mini-biographies and I get to hear them first so I feel a little spoiled. I am hoping to get 32 episodes done over the summer break to get through to Christmas.

I tell people that if we could

I am a true believer that we need to grow our own food!

My husband believes that and as an educator. He would love to be an locovore, but we’re not likely to give up coffee and I’m not ready to give up chocolate!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 56 years old. I planted my first garden in 1975 I would have been 14. That same year I wrote a paper on over-fishing the oceans. How does someone know we were over fishing our oceans? IDK. I just  knew back then there was a problem. I knew that I could do something about it. 

In 1991, I made a couple of discoveries

discovered permaculture

the arena of science of nature that mimics natural systems

human beings love to think we can do it better then nature, but I know without a doubt nature always bats last.

will always

How do we work with nature.

I love the way you put that. That’s a really nice way to describe permaculture. I had never heard of permaculture till I started my podcast. That’s pretty young to learn about permaculture! 1991, that’s when Mike and met and we got married in 1993.

Tell me about your first gardening experience? What were you doing planting a garden at 14?

Good question! My mom grew up on a farm in Canada. She wasn’t always 

moved from a town house to a half acre. when we moved in the weldon house

She said see the right half of the backyard that’s your garden! Go start digging!

I’ve had conversations with her, we both don’t really know where the impetus for me to garden came from or where the desire to garden was? It was just there!

Listen to the full podcast episode and read the full transcript of our interview at www.organicgardenerpodcast.com



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