2018 Garden Goals Challenge From the Organic Gardener Podcast – Day Four Research

Research Time

What do you need to accomplish your goal?

What supplies are you going to need? Where are you going to get them?

Is your goal to plant heirloom tomatoes? Where are you going to get your seed? 

Do you have a catalog? Have you picked out varieties that are acclimated to your climate?

Do you have your seed packets? What are your harvest dates, date to maturity, can you start marking on your calendar when each variety needs to get planted?

Is your goal to sell micro-greens to your local restaurants? Have you made a list of restaurants in your area? Spoke to the chefs? Found out what their needs are? Is there a special herb they would like too?

Are you going to install a new automatic water system? Do you know someone who has one? Is there a local sprinkler service that can help?

Are you wanting to plant Sweet Potatoes? There’s a great video on Johnny’s Select Seed Site or maybe you want to bring in some beneficial insects?

Seed Resources

The Good Seed Company has been a huge source of seed for us. To listen to my interview with Robin Kelson the owner and learn about the Good Seed Company’s roots!

Good Seed Co Webpage

We’ve also used a lot of seeds from Johnny’s Selected SeedsOrganic Peaceful Valley and Bountiful Gardens 

And like I said in Lesson One the Fedco Seed Catalog is highly recommended!

Some other highly recommended seed companies include:

Organic Gardener Podcast OGP Facebook Group

Or you can post in the Organic Gardener Facebook Group or message me or Mike on Facebook.

And don’t forget if you need help getting started check out our new 

Free Garden Course.comFree Organic Garden Course Website

 Free Organic Garden Course 

Remember you can get the  2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper to record your garden goals in 


 2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper on sale for the next 8 days for just $8.95!!  You can  download the first 30 days here   while you’re waiting for it to come in the mail. 

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