Standing Tall and Speaking UP | OBPP Lesson | February 2018

Standing Tall and Speaking UP

Learning Outcomes:

  • demonstrate the difference between assertive and aggressive body language

  • demonstrate ways to use assertive responses to stand up for peers in potential bullying situations

  • discuss a range of responses they can use to deal with bullying and other difficult social situations

Opening Activity

Has anyone heard of the words “assertive” and “aggressive“? People who are assertive use strong confident ways of talking and behaving. When you are assertive you stand up for your beliefs in a positive way.

Being assertive can help you with lots of situations in life, including bullying. When people are aggressive, they try to force others to do what they want. Often they act in ways that are unkind or pushy.

First let’s review how to be assertive without crossing the line to be aggressive. Pretend that I am a student who is bullying. I would like two students to please come up and demonstrate using assertive body language and a voice tone to say “Stop that!”  (with these two puppets)

If student is assertive:

What did ________________________ do with her/his voice to sound assertive? How did she/he hold her/his body? Place her/his feet? Use her/his arms?

If students is aggressive say:

That was close. What could __________________ have done differently to be assertive, not aggressive? Let’s try again.

When you stand your ground, that’s assertive. If you move forward into someone else’s bubble of personal space, that becomes aggressive. Responding back with bullying actions or name-calling is always aggressive, not assertive.


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