More Garden memories | 2018 Spring Garden Journal

More memories over the years as I plan for next year and create the 2018 Spring Garden Journal.

Bee on oregano

This is July 21, 2016 a bee collects pollen from my everblooming Oregano

Mike's little bee creek

Mike built this sweet little bee creek and runs water over it part of the day in the shade and moss grows for the bees to have a place to drink. This is the best water feature in our garden. You could easily have a goal to build one that is only 3 feet long in your yard and provide water for the bees.


Pear Tree Blooming May 2016

Bees also love this pear tree blooming about May 3, 2016

One thought on “More Garden memories | 2018 Spring Garden Journal

  1. Everblooming oregano? I am not familiar with it. Our oregano blooms only once with white flowers. We try to get it before it blooms because we want only the herbal foliage.


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