Bonus Natural Easter Egg Dying with Andrea Catherine from

Bonus Natural Easter Egg Dye episode
with Andrea Catherine from

Sponsored by Awesome Science Action Club

Pre-chat mid way:
I will post it today? Does that sound interesting? You said you wanted something Eastery?

I think it sounds awesome! I have been feeling really guilty lately, I just found this new podcast called Teaching Jasmin how to Cook Vegan, that is only on like episode 4 but they have this other podcast called the Hen House that’s been out for years. And my good friend Dacia who inspired me to quit using plastic and then seeing the
Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs would be an awesome idea for today!

One of my students was joking about her mom hiding a white egg out in the snow but we have a foot of snow.  Tomorrow starts my first official day of Missoula Marathon training! You can’t get a better course then Missoula, cool, flat, early, gorgeous Montana! Come join me.

If you heard the first episode


Whether or not you celebrate Easter you know about this tradition of dying easter eggs!

When I grew up you could even buy these shrink wrap those things and put it over the egg. IDK if you remember, you drop the egg in boiling water…

We’d use food coloring to dye the eggs! You know we’d make it look cool! But…

Dying the eggs with things and actual food is possible and something you want to share today
The waste doesn’t have to go to waste you can compost it if you want

I want to share with you what you can do with that

even if you’re not gonna dye Easter eggs maybe you want to dye something else.

3 food Items will give us 3 different colors

yesterday was a little drab, today is a bit cloudier.

We’re craving that pop of color

Incorporating that in our food can be helpful for our food and appetite! Is really fascinating to me, in the Auyervedic tradition Kapha heaviness and stickiness!

Having vibrant colors can help us feel more live and connected to what we are eating!

Anyone uses turmeric knows it is a natural dye already!

I have turmeric stained

dish towels
Turmeric can also be used appropriately as a dye too not just by mistake!

It’s a gorgeous color! I love that color!

Absolutely! It gives a kind of  mustard yellow when we dye the egg!

We actually are going to mix with

the vinegar will help that color to pop from the egg!

A couple of Tablespoons of turmeric
a cup of boiling water
few teaspoons of white vinegar
Let your egg sit for a minute or so

rotate it
If you dye easter eggs a lot you might want to do one side one color

more vibrant that colors going to be the longer you leave it.

dye eggs

save the water and I’ll tell you why in a minute

coming out of winter

The beets you are dying in the grocery store not a farmer, they’ve probably havn’t been just harvested so they could be stored in a way when you can eat them now

Dark pink color from beets
cut a medium beet in half

add some boiling water
cover the beet
couple of tablespoons of vinegar again
play with the temp
get a really dark color
color that the eggshell absorbs unless you leave it for a really long time

cool removing the beets

vibrant pink color
If you are not like me, and you don’t just LOVE pickle beets, can you cook the beet, take the beet out and then put the vinegar in the water so you don’t get that vinegar taste?

Yeah that makes a lot of sense!

Great question – I’m gonna tell you what to do with the water, don’t throw it away!

if you don’t like the vinegar taste

want the vinegar to secure the dye to the egg once you have that color in the water you should be fine.

blueberries frozen hucks
gotta use these berries

use them to get more of a blue gray color

It’s gonna be different if you have brown easter eggs

I’d be curious how some of these colors adhere to a brown egg

gray blue

I had a friend who posted her mother insisted she get white eggs, she said why can’t I use these brown eggs. I wouldn’t go buy eggs if I had brown eggs.

I think you could

No need to go out an buy white eggs just to dye your easter egg!

Especially if you’re gonna eat the inside you’re gonna want to eat! You’re gonna want to eat that free range, local egg full of taste!

Deviled Egg Recipe
If you’re like me you like deviled eggs

After your Easter Egg hunt if that’s something you do

cutting that egg in half

taking out the yolk
instead of using mayonaise you can make plain yogurt
mix a bit of the turmeric water that has vinegar that you would add anyway
ground mustard seed
Do this in a way that is simplified

If you want to go all natural for your easter egg experience – use the turmeric water and just enough to get the consistency you want and you have the vinegar for that pop

turmeric will give you more potent flavor then if you were to buy mustard in the store.

That’s my tip for deviled eggs.

Save the beets
If you take the beets out of the water before they go to mush

Before or after the vinegar

You can slice beets before they boil for the ester egg dying or after they have cooled.

toss with parsley
lemon juice
olive oil
make a little salad to go with the deviled eggs
I hope that sounds interesting to folks

I like this idea of not just dying easter eggs and you have all this stuff to put in the compost which is fine but you get the change to repurpose

has multiple purposes

fun to me to explore ways to use food products more then once!

What about a main meal? What would go good with deviled eggs?
i think it depends on what time you’re eating
thinking about Easter Dinner about 10 years ago… I was remembering it was a time when I was vegetarian for a year

I remember I wasn’t ready, I was at Easter dinner with my family, stuck the fork and I put it back and was like I actually wanted that

If ham is something you like to prepare

green salad

bitter greens starting to pop

tanginess and pungency

use some of the beets for a green salad if you want to do that instead.

I’m glad I did ask…. I bought Mike a ham and he was like IDK if I even want to eat it, it won’t taste as good as when I was a kid, but the other thing that happened was I bought some kale salad that froze in my fridge last night, I had the fridge up too high, and I sautéed it and I was like

THIS! This is what everyone is talking about! One of those packages of young fresh, came in a package probably from California, baby kale that I would normally never buy, and I sautéed it in avocado oil that is my new favorite! It was sooooo good!

We need the bitter
we can be drawn to the sweet this time of year!

We want summer to come but there’s this drawback and we’re like Wait! I don’t want to give up the comfort foods

The bitterness and pungency to wake us up and get us moving

benefits from cooking our food.

If you tend to get gassy when you eat a lot of raw foods, notice that and cook those green foods.

You don’t want to do it till the color really changes you want the color to pop but still retain the nutrient value.
When we cook our food we are starting the digestive process, so it makes it easier on our body to absorb the nutrients we need and get rid of the things we don’t want

warm salad
tossing the greens together
hard boiled eggs instead of deviled eggs and they are warm and toss them in maybe sautéed onions you’re gonna start to cook those greens and it will be more of a cooked salad!

Easier to digest and good anyway.

This morning it was good. I was like I’m not throwing these greens away?! It was delicious!

Anything we forgot? We want to keep these episodes short!

When I think about holidays
Tomorrow’s a Sunday so

call our family
be with friends
my encouragement would be to remember why we like to gather around food

what it does for us

connecting with others
So, no matter what you’re gonna eat tomorrow because you will probably eat at some point tomorrow I encourage you to share it with someone and notice what does it feel like to be with other people while you eat think how does that serve you?

I’m curious to hear what people like.

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