226. Bonus Earth Day Episode with Joe Lamp’l | The Joe Gardener Show | Atlanta, GA


From the Joe Gardener Show and GROWING A GREENER WORLD

Im 30 miles north north east of

everybody has acreage

home depot

I was a master gardener gardening community

people got to know me for various things

I was good at starting up

looking for someone who is a specialist

recommended about that

a week after

she got an email blast from HGTV starting a new show


everything was in place

searched by contacting the media who connected to the gardeners

sounded like me

what I know about you you need to contact the producer

got him to meet with me

called me back for a screen test


no feedback

following week big presentation with all candidates

male and a female

if they chose the male

a week later the picked me 2002

1 year 26 episodes

3 years 52 episodes

continuted without 52 things

we were growing parsnips

more variety

show had to retire out of materail

garden smart

do my own thing

most important message

nobody I could tell

knew anything about gardening

production side

disconnect people thinking

the importance of gardening

to do it to

younger up and coming gardeners

more about entertainment

greatest chemical fixed


idea in my head

never produced before

paid enough

growing a greener world in 2009

exectutive producer

host everything

took a lot on

coming back into podcasting

before tv

days always loved audio

fascinated with tech

podcasting element I could do

2007 podcasting series

ended up being a lot of the back stories I was telling on the tv show

not every single week

ended up doing


3-4 epsideos

commitment with burped

26 episodes

tv was so busy

catch my breath

this June launched the Joe  gardener show

how much of my week is consumed about the next show


high production value

its no wonder

not a lot of people stay with it beyond a certain episodes you have

audio is an intimate media

conveys so much more with the written in a way that can’t happen unique faithful listeners

So growing a greener world

dyi network about teaching people

amazing show it was supposed to be a one year show

3 years and 52 episodes

teach people how to grow

it was ahead of its time

backyard movement

when it retired


traveled all over the country to talk about public gardens

message wasn’t being told

future gardeners didn’t have mentors teaching them the way

younger people or we were gonna lose gardening catch the fever and b

huge shortage of gardening tv shows not a lot of advertising

hgtv were getting rid of their gardening shows

step away

create a new series

really to tell the stories of people and places

envioronmental living

healthy lifestyles

had a great story

how to garden

mixed in a way that was a new fresh approach

anyone could do anything like it

plan that could work

hit the ground successful

every state in the country

over a million people 

Tell us a little about yourself.

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

I remember my first experience

I came from a family of non gardeners

weekend warrior

trim bushes


youngest of 4 boys

old enough

follow him around

learn what he was doing

yard chores

didn’t want to get in trouble

miami fl where everything grows

walked away

forgot about it

jogged my memory

looked for the broken branch

sprout new leaves

how did that happen

hide my tracks

reroot and grow

definitng moment

so fascinated what happened there

led me to propagating

everything under the sun

mini nurseries

sell plants at the church bazars festivals

led to another

never slowed down

more exciting then the last

doing it full time as a professional gardening communicator

not been the case

more excited the day before


you could say if you don’t work anymore

semi retired

love what i do

iuf your open to it

your bouncing off one thing to the next to the next



little league

all those other things

bit by the garden

How did you learn how to garden organically?


came from

didn’t even come to me

adult had my first house

we weren’t

move environmentally lifestyle

rather recently

20 years ago

had my first

one day



hopper emptied

trying to get it up

can’t get every granule red

burned up

taken a torch to it

such a  visual connection

loot at what happens

fertilizers a good thing

too much

nitrogen in a small area

visual conneciton to me

wiat a minute

awe of nature


led me to the

if that’s burning the grass

what is it doing to them

insatiable thirst for knowledge looking into those things

as much as we try to do things to create nice spaces

one of them

realize that

more environmentally responsible way

changed my ways

I think the places that I garden in

will rival


connect to you in the same way

open to paying attention in your life

going about your business

open to experiences

amazing to information

don’t know that many people are

stress of the day

go by them

missed opportunities

polish your shiny pennies

I think a lot of people are interested about the raised beds

how did that come about

every year  I have

many curve balls


challenges from those

never gonna be ultimately


a raised bed

is really nice

design your soil create the soil you want to grow your plants

doesn’t drain enough

drains too well

ideal enivronment so there is

access to moisture

ammending the soil

things you need to do for most parts of the country

not a bad thing

one way to really fine tune

put that soil not going away

contained within those boundaries


clay soil

not bad has a lot of minerals and nutrients

much better

native clay soil typically offered

heavily ammend it

rain events

cause a lot of that to wash away

raised beds allow me to contain

love the look of the raised bed

orderely look

my beds are pretty stocky



6×6 timbers

12 feet long

length doesn’t matter

what they need to be

width is important

beds are 4 feet a few are 3 feet

16 beds inside a split rail fence


untreated cedar timbers

don’t want chemical

rot resistant

back story

how those beds came

fiskars spokes person

community gardens

between canada and us

design the gardens

show up on a weekday


installed planted the whole 9 yards

engineers at fiskars designed

just to die for

here I am to show up and install

the beautiful beds

when I can afford to do this

own beds in that

walk away from them

growing a greener world

backyard garden

bite the bullet

flew those engineers


beer and pizza

day and a half we installed

a lot of food comes out

don’t even weigh it

just me

intern volunteer for a few hours


teenage daughters

busy with other things

farm and animals

very productive

heck a lot

give it away

friends and neighbors

food pantry

restaurants locally that want to serve local food

couple thousands

no interest in selling it

this year

as we speak

3000 seedlings

tomatoes peppers


seed flats

my 18 year old daughter

take all those seedlings intensively planted

pot them up in 3 inch pots

farmers markets

local community access

growing varieties not gonna find

not in

mostly heirloom

tomatoes and different food crops

could be very successful

get her involved

likes the ideas of making some money

plants and gardening

money goes

trying to do it for me but so my daughter makes

the other thing is

if it doesn’t work out for her

few thousand seedlings

can get those into peoples plants

get an introduction

help make the happen

worse case

16 beds

tomatoes are a love hate

I love eating them

here in the SE

high in humidity and high in heat

tomatoe plants so many diseases

plague gardeners here

first harvest

plants look terrible

go down from there

hard to grow tomatoes

very proactive

disease cycles

ton of work

on the road a lot during the growing season

I like a challenge

looking for ways to learn from experience

share what I’ve learned



I wanna be the guinea pig for people coming behind me

get the word out

no problem making and sharing my mistakes

better smarter gardeners

mistakes are to me required

share that experience

what you think you did to correct

I love growing tomatoes

classic summer crop

new varaitiest

heriloom varieites

in an experiemental mode

new discoveries

well, I think consistent watering was important

blossom end rot

think is a calcium

eggshells things to make the blossom end rot

consistent watering

oftn don’t have to worry about is if your soil is really good

feed the soil will feed the soil plants

decent level of water

humic acid

moisture hold it in place

people would just focus on

90% of their time

make ourselves healthy

junk food diet

satisfy cravings but nothing to preserve long term health of body

soil can feed the

whole food healthy diet for your plants


growing tomatoes can be mitigated problem wise


a couple of inches of something natural


set yourself up for great success

is really how you solve the problem

making it to the plants consistently

strong cell walls steady flow to build the strength of their cells


soil consistent

drip irrigation

soaker hoses

in the soil

consistant way

health of tomato plants

a lot of your garden

year round gardener here

we don’t get that cold

single digits

never happens

lots of days in low twenties

so unusual for a winter for us

cool season garden

don’t go out with row covers

see what their tolerances are

not tolerant for that cold of weather

kale and spinach going strong with no intervention


classic s



squash so many diseases

prolific beetles

take up so much room in raised beds

go to the farmers market

smarter how to deal with those problems

all that interested

share that info

real affection

lemon cucumbers

have to grow those

pole beans things that grow on trellises

sweet potatoes

mood for that year


hog for space for what you get

down here

decent harvest before they succumbed to foliage diseases

not as bad as squash


easy to grow here

gorw everything

put it in the garden and let it grow

have to grow everything

what I want to grow

mission to help teach others

care to eat

really want to grow at this point

be in the know

no better way to do that

wants to know

bottome of every potential challenge

Tell us about something that grew well this year.

Is there something you would do different next year or want to try/new?


Tell me about something that didn’t work so well this season.

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Good Seed Company Seeds

Good Seed Company


Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden?

kind of weird


so much out there to harvest

figure out what to do with it if I haven’t planned for it

clock of

peak of freshness

where I’m gonna go

whos’ coming to get it

love to grow it

harvesting you


ample harvest.org

what to do with that produce

don’t want it to go bad

online search

food pantries in your area

take in that produce

only have so many hours

take it in

made available to those who need it

fresh produce

food pantry


ample harvest

Gary Oppenhower has dedicated 

make sure people don’t grow hungry that are unnecessarily, that are your neighbors.

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden?

I like planting and watching it grow


it’s not like you see it happen before your eyes

healthy garden every day is different

in the early morning


just us out there with the plants

there’s so much to see to me that’s how you really learn how plants work

see the water droplets coming off the margins of your tomato leaves

why is that

that’s the water pumping up

through the margins of the leaves

that’s a phenonomenom

take the time to understand

good sign there’s enough moisture in the soil 

telling me the plant is healthy

morning walks with my coffee time to commune with your plants

my favorite thing

everyday opportunity to spend time in the garden

make those observational 

I swear sometime before your eyes. There’s some days in the heat of the day I feel like it grows 3″ in a day. We have really long days, in June on the equinox June 22, the sun is out til like 11pm and it drives me crazy.

What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

feed the soil let the soil feed the plants!

It just plants

  • the health of the plants
  • pest disease resistance
  • vigor
  • productivity

is all related to how healthy your soil is

super star gardeners

make our soil healthier

compost make it yourself

so many things beyond making great soil your also taking waste out of the waste stream

It’s the best soil input make at home

why wouldn’t you want to do it?! Oh by the way it keeps it out of the landfill and reduces carbon dioxide

we aren’t all doing that

It’s a little bit of work and extra things to do on your to do list

do it with compost

it’s the best

in fact people don’t compost because they think its too complicated

happens in nature

IDK, I just don’t know that it’s extra work. In my apartment there’s probably 2 month’s worth of garbage there, but what’s in there, nothing but paper? I don’t throw anything away that’s gonna smell or rot. It drives me crazy to me it’s not extra work it’s just sorting. 

It’s gonna make it lighter. To say nothing of I have the brownest thumb anywhere but it’s so easy! I can make compost and you never go wrong… I just feel like you do, it can just be an extension of your life. It drives me crazy at school… I almost got the ok if we could get it growing. 

IT’s the key!

So easy to make!

Incredibly easy to make, people think it’s complicated but it’s not!

It happens in nature with no intervention

It’s forgiving, you can stir it once a week or once a month, sometimes it get’s moldy, mike will say stir that but its pretty easy!

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be.

my tool

3 parts

my holster on my belt that

holds my garden knife

basically a hori hori

don’t like the wooden flat handle

option hard rubber orange handle

serrated stainless steal knife.



A.M. Leonard Knife and Sheath

so many ones that looks the same

same design

they also sell the holster

dual sheath

holds my pruners

soil knife or pruners using all the time whenever I step outside

there were a fire

grab that sheaf

I wanted to ask you about landscaping? My brother’s episode he talked about landscaping has been really popular for people aren’t gonna grow vegetables, only interested  in their yard, they live by the farmer’s market.

take for granted that everybody is growing food

productive vegettable garden

getting it locally or farmers market

not going 200,000 miles get to them

all the power to them

I recommend people think closely about what you can plant that is gonna attract native wildlife

birds and pollinators

now I understand where you live

losing to urban sprawl

losing these habitats and



wildlife depends on

trees taken down

we can do no matter where we live

repopulate some of the most important flora and fauna things

the life giving sustenance

entertains us too

As we speak I’m looking out at four bird feeders

food they are taking from these

  • they’re out their getting
  • seeds
  • sources
  • insects

coming from plants out there

plant it and they will come


put those

native species

  • trees
  • shrubs
  • perennials
  • ground cover

more conscious

pick up the plants on the rack store because they are pretty

Does it really serve the greater good

Does it serve wildlife that we need?

Probably the answer is no it does

Maybe do a little educaiton online

more then one purpose

More then an productive native plant

a little bit of homework

Unfortunately the plants in don’t typically care with those

easiest to grow in the



lowest commno denominator

I’m gonna take the challenge to a listener out there who doesn’t know what kind of green business they want to start is a Native Plant nursery, where do you have access to those. You’re going to the store on the weekend. Do the person who does the research on line. 

Ask your local garden center to get native plants

create the demand if you provide the supply

typically stores don’t sell things that people don’t buy but

people aren’t gonna buy it if the store doesn’t carry it.

Ask to carry it.

support purchasing those items once they make the investment.

A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

I love to cook

I’m not all that sophisticated


leafy crops

love the tomatoes

don’t even make it inside

  • soups
  • stews
  • sautes
  • compliments
  • soup or a stew

oh gosh

nothing more flavorful then what you just went out to your garden and harvestsed

2 teenage daughters who aren’t the craziest about vegetables unless the

not the best tasting out there


coming inside


grown from who knows where


I just love cooking stuff out of my garden

Broccoli is super super sweet

like candy

super sweet

they’ll eat it from my garden raw but not otherwise

I like to hear that 

A favorite internet resource?

browse a lot

tend to go to the academic sites


don’t feel like your getting the whole


Margaret Roach A Way to Garden


such a science based digger of info

best info out there


seeks experts

radio show

does a great job

her background

working for marhta stewart

find the info

best sources for it

applied that to her blog

if she’s written about it talked about it or the both

if I need info

first go to place

top people in all the fields

A favorite reading material-book, mag, blog/website etc you can recommend?

I used to love Organic Gardening Magazine

fine gardening mag

I love books

go towards books

Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe

Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe by Maria Rodale

taking action

buying organic why that makes sense





Silent Spring

exposing the harm chemicals

Rachel Carson

love all the books

Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time

favorite curent

craig lehouliiar

Epic Tomatoes

history of

craig lehouliar

love picking it up

the way the book is laid out

stories and

super fantastic

really put my single 

Final question-

if there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

I think IDK this but it’s just a hunch of mine

Everybody has an inate connection to the earth

never discover it

thank got it happened at 8

People may not garden but they find themselves

  • outdoors
  • in a garden a
  • public garden

peace and calm around plants around nature

take that one step further

people that garden get it

plant something get it

house plant

nurture it it’s a living thing you have some input on its survival through that process

  • your making observations
  • relationship
  • leads to greater things
  • more plants
  • gardening
  • wonder and awe

Desire to spread what you know to someone else

making that first step

bury that first seed

getting that first plant

some point in love

I was gonna ask you in the beginning did your parents take you on nature walks? Where did that love of nature come from?

born with it

in my dna

thnk I’ve always had it

respect for nature


know that things are so resilient

real fragile

especially with our impact on nature

thins to promote it

harm it


I think I was born with it.

Joe Gardener Show Joe Lamp'l

How do we connect with you?



#joegardener hashtag or handle  



joe lampl that’s me

social media

Joe Gardener FB


Quick funny side story

The man by the name Joe Gardner and he’s a CPA he is in texas

We finally connected and he forwards his websites

I wanted to buy it but he wouldn’t do it

his website forwards to my website

delta airlines once sent airlines tix and he said joe I think these are for you, and they were for the town he lives in, and he said I see your coming to Austin.

I asked my husband if he cared if we changed our name to B-u-y-e-r it’s funny this year at school they called me Breyer. It’s funny with names but you have no idea how many times I’ve had to go back and type that e in there! It just happens by typo.

Thank you soooooo much for sharing! 

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