Bonus Cooking Episode #8 with Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor | Salad Peeler Secrets

Tuesday • May 15, 2018  and Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Andrea Catherine is here to share with us her secret for a delicious salad.

Fearless Self-Love Podcast

What kind of dog is he?

He’s a rescue dog!

I just like the fact that he’s a rescue dog, those are my favorites! The first time I lived with a Pitt Bull, I thought IDK, the lady I lived with was like you’ll love her. I was like idk. and she was like the most loveable dog. What’s his name?

Porter, but not just any Porter.

Edmond Fitzgerald Porter Great Lakes Brewing Beer 

I know that song, isn’t it Gordon Lightfoot.

I got this student in my class who they say is dyslexic, IDK, but we’ve been singing a lot lately because that’s a good thing for him. 

OK, Ill have to check it out and Walter Mitty.

The new Walter Mitty movie with Ben Stiller is amazing!

I started doing ten minute shows

I’m interviewing an astrologer once a month

We’re talking about Taurus and Spring

inspiring me to expand my horizons too.

The fist one we just did yesterday. I did 3 tips to boost your metabolism. I am calling them Love your Monday. It’ll be good to have a little bit extra. Long form will come back, June 1st. This month I talked with Elsie Escobar! It was a great conversation and vulnerable in some ways. It will be great to share her episode. It was fantastic! I’m eager to share it!

That’s been my problem lately. I’ve been struggling to download shows and listen when I am without a signal. Which is most of the time!

So, Still Spring!

You can get things like arugula at the Farmer’s Market.

Did you go to the Farmer’s Market?

Kalispell Farmer’s Market

Not because I forgot. I was working, teaching yoga

closes at noon and I got home at one.

I going out of town so I won’t go this weekend either and after that I should be making it a habit

I might have to shift to going to a different market

Kalispell on Saturday is not the most convenient market.

My favorite place to be is Thursday night at the Columbia Falls Market!

Let’s meet there!

It is so much fun! Should be starting soon. It’s so much fun! It’s like a townie party

live music! THere’s always a brewery or a distilary that sponsors it!

It starts this thursday… On the 17th Im there as much as I can be in the summer! 

Dodgy Mountain men are playing on June 7th! I like to look at who’s playing the music.

I run into it a lot on a Thursday night! I love that market better then Kalispell, Whitefish hands down. You should check out the Eureka one.  It’s on Wednesday nights but there’s music. There’s not a lot of vegetables.


My friend Dacia has her stand with aprons and with her soaps and things. The people who do the Two Bear Farm, Todd and Rebecca.

There’s some new vendors you can buy some things. Huckleberries. Not morels, there’s gonna be a lot of morels, people picking like crazy. There’s some vegetables. I don’t usually go to the Eureka one. I went once, we didn’t have a lot of things, maybe we’ll have flowers this year. 

I planted some on Earth Day! OK So!

Arugula at the Farmer’s Market

I like to make a salad with some bitter greens

last of the root vegetables I’ve got!

  • carrots
  • cucumbers I know they’re not a root vegetable and they probably aren’t local

I’m telling you about this salad my favorite way to cut vegetables isn’t a way you think of doing it. I realized today that maybe my favorite kitchen tool for salads?! 

A vegetable peeler!

I like to

  • peel my carrots that way
  • they become these little spirals
  • did that with the carrots
  • cucumber
  • pumpkin seeds
  • oil and vinegar
  • lime
  • sea salt
  • local mint
  • It was amazing!

it was more of a challenge to be creative in the kitchen

I realized that almost every time I talk about using the vegetable peeler for carrots people are so surprised! I just love it! 

It makes them easier to eat!

It makes them light and fun!

So you’re not actually peeling the carrot, your peeling the carrots into the salad!

Just keep going!

I did it with radishes!

it was with the little red radishes!

I was very careful… they were like paper thin could almost see through them

Was it hard to peel a radish?

It wasn’t much harder then like driving a manual transmission in traffic…

Well, I can do that piece of cake! So I could probably handle a radish!

yeah! I think you can handle the raddishes

it makes a salad come together nicely

  • fluffliness
  • instead of big hard crunchy things ~ some people really like
  • lighter • airy • simple!

simple tip today! 

But feels like something people can use all summer.

I like putting fresh herbs in my salad!

They’re popping up now before other vegetables

  • using as much raw fresh food
  • helpful on my digestive system for sure
  • fresh mint
  • fresh oregano
  • cilantro
  • whatever you’re able to pick up

or Arugula

whole salad can be tossed with

your bitter green of choice!

if people are interested ~ I know we talked about cleansing on the fearless self love podcast

3 tips to boost your metabolism

maybe I will try it.

how to eat instead of what to eat!

Everybody wants to boost their metabolism! Did you mention that on my show! BONUS!

  • simplifying
  • simpler for your body to digest
  • gives your body a rest


  • how to eat
  • when to eat

More then what

There are definitely things you can eat to aid your digestion

lots of different thing

I think it’s more important

  • how you eat then
  • when to eat more then
  • what you eat

to aid your digestion

in Ayurveda school we are not just what we eat but what we digest

if we are not able to digest then we are not processing it in a way that is not easy on our body we’re certainly not going to boost our metabolism or lose weight or gain the energy that we want

first step is structuring our day in the times that are most easily digestible

I don’t hear people talk about that a lot. I feel like I keep hearing that Ayurvedic Healing I was watching some sit com on Amazon prime or the Book of Dangerous Boys, there’s like the mother in law or grandmother she’s like I’m into Ayurvedic Healing

  • yoga took a while
  • decades
  • before people knew the word
  • now it’s becoming common house language
  • knows what yoga is

concept of it


I feel like it’s becoming present in my life lately, I feel like I am hearing it everywhere. 

That’s how it goes and things keep showing up.

Like when you buy a new car and they keep showing up everywhere.

Well this is fun! I’m glad to share a way to eat and a little tip. Doesn’t have to be complicated!

I love that peels for food and not in the compost pile.

There’s a lot to be said of that, there was a woman I know who would chop her food up in small pieces and the was so thin! 

It’s because we are starting the digestive process. That’s why juicing is popular it is easier for people to digest

I’m not a juicer I realized, I’m a vegetable girl! I put some spinach in the juicer once, I just wanted to cry, it was like the middle of winter i just want to eat it. I normally wouldn’t buy that for me to eat!

I don’t think one ways better or not. I go through phases. It’s good to pay attention to what your body’s asking for.

I used to be more in tune in my body. I’m getting back there. I definitely have cravings where I have to have a salad every day.

Well it’s almost summer.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I think I might hit the Walter Mitty movie!


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Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Andrea Catherine

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