Bonus Cooking Episode #7 with Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor | Bok Choy

Tuesday MAY 8, 2018  and Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Andrea Catherine is here to share with us her recipe for cooking Bok Choy.

What’s cooking?

Fearless Self-Love Podcast


Farmer’s Market is live

I taught yoga in the morning, needed food, as I walked out and thought ah! 

I told some farmers I’m gonna buy them out!

So excited! I had so much food that I bought at the grocery store it didn’t make sense to drive there. 

I know that Raven Ridge Farms had some Baby Bok Choy!

Bok Choy!

One of my favorite things I describe it as a mixture between butter and celery

butter on your celery not what I mean

I love bok choy because it has this rich consitency

It’s good raw

I like it grilled


in the oven

My favorite way is to cook it braised and curried bok choy

adding curry spices


black pepper

himalyaned pink salt

til they’re aromatic

toss those spices

one or two bunches of bok choy

Take those leaves and leave them whole

place the spiced choy in a warm skillet or do it on the grill

1-3 minutes on each side till their tender, grill is nice!

another way to enjoy spices

so simple

another way to enjoy those spices i mentioned before

you can use just salt and pepper

bok choy

pick it up and eat the whole leaf

eating with your hands

can’t get in the garden to grow food it’s an excuse to eat with our hands

get that tactile sense

  • eat it alone
  • layer it in your eggs Benedict
  • put it on your hamburger
  • might bite down

I prefer to eat it alone

definitely one of my favorite vegetables

has some

cool nutritional benefits

  • bone growth
  • Vitamin A
  • beat off bacteria
  • healthy vision

love this vegetable!

excited that it’s already here!

I think my mom always put bok choy on stir fry or Chinese food. Does it taste like cabbage?

Kind of tastes like cabbage but richer, has that buttery taste!

buttery on it’s own

  • at the base
  • at the bottom it’s thicker
  • juicy

cook it you get that quality you don’t get with kale or cabbage maybe with a Napa cabbage

  • Chinese cabbage
  • baby bok choy
  • smaller
  • easier to work with

I wonder what it’s like to grow that?

You just get one head per seed that your growing

more like a cabbage in that way

It is so good!

Especially right now while people are fighting allergies

fighting off some of that bacteria right now

Great time of year to visit the farmer’s market and see how you can nourish yourself

could use it to make Chinese food meal

chop it and put it in a salad

I was gonna ask can you eat it raw?


Yeah! slice it real thin

put it in your salad

kind of like a cucumber texture!

I hope people will see it at the farmer’s market and support their Local famers.

I think as we go through pull up some recipes

Wicked Good Farm

Brooke suggested I contact you originally


keep up with

I’d be curious to hear how other people prepare Bok Choy or what they got at the farmer’s market!

If you’ve been enjoying hearing about food? I’ve been eating so much healthier. I hope if listeners are a market farmer they’ll share these tips with their customers!

Fearless Self-Love Podcast

Fearless Self Love Podcast with Andrea Catherine


Retreat at Spirit Ranch at Home in Your Heart

That is an awesome time to come to Montana. You can still get into the park and there are not a lot of tourists around. 

OK, there’s a little bit of prechat here that only got partially recorded I thought some people might like to hear… and then ….

If you want to know about my mom’s Native Plant Sale on Long Island here’s the link to her episode about Clark Botanic Gardens!

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