“9 Tools Every Gardener Should Have”

1. Pitchfork

For turning compost I don’t think anything works better. An absolute must I love our pitchfork!

pitchfork garden tool

2. Long handed Shovel

shovel garden tool
A long shovel is one of the most versatile tools in our garden I think. For edging beds, planting something new, adding compost, or turning it in, a shovel with a nice handle gets used over and over in our garden. I think we have about 2-3 of these one in each planting place.

3. The FLAT-FREE Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow garden tool
My favorite thing about our wheelbarrow we have now is the flat free tire! We found ours at Home Depot.  Mike has also hauled about a million rocks out of the mini-farm with this wheelbarrow, plants around the yard, organic material around and of course lots and lots of firewood!

wheelbarrow garden tool

4. Hoe for weeding.

The Rogue Scuffle hoe has been one of the most recommended tools on my podcast.

Rogue Scuffle Hoe

Joyce Pinson was one of the first to talk about it! Mike uses what I like to call the claw for weeding. I guess the official name is a cultivator hoe. One of these days I will probably invest in a scuffle hoe for him!

claw Hoe aka cultivator hoe garden tool

5. Spray bottle-mister

A spray bottle helps little seedlings germinate and thrive in the early stages keeping soil moist without drowning the seeds. Today, in the heat of July,  I have to admit I am missing having a watering can … but if I could only pick one I would pick the mister I think.

6. Garden gloves

Garden Gloves

I like to wear gloves for just about everything. Lots of days I don’t put them on, but for the most part I prefer to work in gloves. And when I don’t I know my skin feels so much dryer. But I just like to have them to protect my fingers and hands.

7. Pruners

pruners garden tool

Bee on lilac

My mom got me these Cutco Pruners for Christmas this year and there is nothing more fun then snipping with these. They made the lilacs cut like butter!

8. Broadfork

I found our broadfork on sale at amazon and it was the best investment I think I’ve made! It was such a great deal and we use it almost every day it seems! I definitely use it in just about every bed I plant!

Christmas Broad Fork from Amazon! garden tool

braodfork garden tool

broadfork garden tool potato bed

9. Compost bin

compost bin garden toolMy favorite bin is right outside my kitchen door I frequently just empty my compost while I’m cooking!

Bonus #10! A good collecting basket.

And I like to have several different kinds. Mike dreams of us having wash station down by the garden so the water is recycled right back into the garden and the soil too!

garlic harvest 2017

We have a red tray that is just perfect for washing greens and beets etc.


harvest baskets

And then I like these wicker baskets for hauling broccoli, lettuce and peppers, etc up to the house.

cukes in basket

I suppose these should be in order of importance but they are not in any particular order, other then the way I thought of them as I worked around the garden for the last 2 years because that is when I actually started this post 😉 Writing blogs posts is not my strengths but I’m getting there!

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