Friday the 13th July 2018 • planting broccoli squash and cukes

This morning Mike helped me put the broccoli cucumbers and squash in the ground! He cleaned the bed out that was full of Kale and lambs quarter from last year we left the dill I. The middle to harvest for the cukes!

We did a little experiment. Mike had some blood meal left from last year so we put some I the bottom of half the holes so we will be able to see which grow better.

We also put this little makeshift hoop house over the plants for shade this first day of transplanting because it was gonna be a hot one for their first day under full sun

3 thoughts on “Friday the 13th July 2018 • planting broccoli squash and cukes

  1. Broccoli, squash and cucumbers; those are three things that do not go together in our climate. Broccoli is a cool season vegetable. Cucumbers are for spring. Squash go all summer. Our arid air has limitations.

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    • Hi Tony! Broccoli is a cool season vegetable in our climate too. Ideally we would have planted these a long time ago, I just happened to score some on sale in town the other day. We had a really odd spring, snow until late late in the year, then it was hot and melted like over night and then it got cold in June and nothing really took off until last week! We have dry air too. The wind has been blowing like crazy and I feel like we can’t water enough.

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