235. Seed Saving – Seed Libraries | Small House Farm | Ben Cohen | Central Michigan

So one of my listeners Alan Denko said you gotta interview this guy Ben, he just moved to where you are, and I sent you an email and here we are talking already! I’m a big hemp seed girl! 

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Are you thinking of you starting a podcast?

No, I’m too busy. Do you know where your listener heard me speak?

At a seed library event in Michigan.


Small House Farm

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m in Central Michigan, my wife and two children we call Small House Farm an effort in sustainable living

attempt to grow the majority of our own food

Do you want to tell people about your website business etc.

They can see it all at Small House Farm


One Handy Place


What’s pumpkin seed oil like?

It’s so good! Delicious

pumpkin seed oil from Small House Farm

  • hullless pumpkin seed
  • Interesting the seeds are green
  • has this beautiful reddish

They call it the green gold!

Use it in a lot of

skin care

soap makers

huge it in the kitchen

great oil

With Avacados! Salad Dressing! 

Last fall I saved some seeds from those pumpkin pie and I was hoping those would grow. How many pumpkins or seeds does it take to make a bottle of oil.

A pumpkin will have quite a bit of seeds, a few bottles of oil out of a pumpkin


how fresh the seeds are

on average a couple of pounds of seed will make a bottle of oil

Our bottles are 5-6oz lb about a pound and a half or two pounds of seeds.

How did you learn how to press the seed? Did it come with an instruction book when you bought the press?

I learned through trial and error

story goes

we bake our own bread, I had to take it to the next step, If I’m gonna bake my own bread I’m gonna grow my own grain

That’s what mike wants to do.

I read this story about this couple that had an old style wind powered grain

I thought I would love to do something like that! 

On a hunt for a grain mill,  I found this oil press and said oh ahaha! I’m gonna try this out! I had no intention of doing it intentionally.

Did you find a good mill, do you have one to recommend?

No, we didn’t really pursue it any further.

stone mill – 2 stones

rigged it up to a motor

home made contraption

  • mill corn
  • corn flour
  • stone ground

never really pursued it any further, we got so caught up with this oil press thing that really took off. I have upgraded from the hand turn machine

2 electric cold presses that we use

I could never keep up with a hand press

We moved into a licensed commercial facility that’s why we offer it to coops people can see on the website.

Do you have an inspiration tip or quote to help motivate our listeners to reach into that dirt and start their own garden?

Keep planting seeds never stop planting seeds!

  • figuratively and literally
  • moving forward
  • trying that thing

is this gonna grow? Just plant it!

How do we connect with you?


we do have a Facebook page/smallhousefarm

Central Mi seedswap

Michigan Seed Library

book released in fall of this coming year!

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free organic garden course.com

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