High Price of Produce | Healthy eating on a budget

So I went to the grocery store today and I couldn’t afford to buy any fruit. I ruminated about this all day. It really bothered me.

$5.99 for strawberries.

$5.99 for a lb of strawberries!

$5.99 for strawberries?


$2.00 for lemon bars on sale from the day old bakery.


So if I had a family with kids, I could pay $6.00 for a box of strawberries that probably wouldn’t make it home from the store. Or let’s say they had them for desert. Maybe 3-4 strawberries each. This is where the cake I baked for Mike for his birthday came in. I thought, if I had the kids and we had cake and ice cream each night or ice cream and strawberries, the ice cream and strawberries would be gone the first night and the cake would ask 3-4 days at least.

I mean there is just no comparison the cost of healthy nutritious food and inexpensive processed food, and I know my husband would say those strawberries were laden with chemicals anyway so imagine if you bought organic ones somewhere?!

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