242. No-till Gardening | a Farmden | The Ever Curious Gardener, The Weedless Gardener and The Pruning Book | Gardening Author Lee Reich | Hudson Valley, NY

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I guarantee you will love this episode full of golden seeds and passion for science, nature and no till gardening! Lee Reich is full of amazing tips, tricks, and knowledge about how to grow an organic oasis you always dreamed of.  You’ll enjoy listening to his advice direct from Eliot Coleman, learning about exotic delicious fruits that grow well in Northern Climates, and even some amazing new pruning concepts.

I know you will love it as much as I enjoyed doing the interview.

Lee & ducks

Soil Science

With an advanced degree in soil science Lee mixes a passion for following mother nature and creating a soil base that is as easy to work with as it is good for the environment. He delivers composting experiences and solutions that might surprise and also discusses his experiments with beneficial nematodes.


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To read the full show notes click here.

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