No-till Farming | Table Top Farmer | 5 Principles of Soil Health | Steve Szudera

“How to Grow Nutrient Dense All Natural Organic Food without all the Back Breaking Work or Costly Soil Amendments”

Hey Green Future Grower!

Yesterday I released an episode about a great opportunity for my audience this Tuesday, February 12th!

Steve Szudera, soil health expert from Table Top Farmer, will be presenting a live webinar on the 5 Principles of Soil Health! If you didn’t hear my first interview with Steve you can listen here. 

What’s great about the webinar, which Mike and I got a sneak peak at, is he shows slides of his work in action. You can actually see where he’s applied these principles in test plots that are side by side and how the soil that has been cared for using these no-till techniques have crops that are larger and healthier.

You can sign up for the live webinar Tuesday, February 12th at 12pm EST, 10am MST and 9am PST by simply entering your email here and you will get instructions directly to the webinar and if you can’t make live you will also get a link to the recording.

You’ll be able to ask questions through the live chat and bonus I’m co-hosting the webinar so I’ll be there too!

Thanks always for listening and I hope you are enjoying the great guests I’ve had these last few weeks!

Happy Valentines this week and hope to see you Tuesday!

Remember just click here to sing up! 

And let’s get growing!

Jackie :~)

(also, in my podcast I said the webinar was going to be on Facebook but it’s not, so you don’t have to be on Facebook to watch or participate!)

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