June 8, 2020 Update

Hey listeners. It’s me, Jackie on June 8, 2020 and I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and people out there. I’ve been wanting to make a message, but IDK what to say. I don’t understand what’s changed. Social distancing is what worked, I don’t understand what’s changed. In Montana it’s pretty much non-existent, people are hugging everywhere.


I’m worried I may never see my mom again. IDK where you are, my cousin has posted this isn’t coming out anything like I wanted it to come out. I love Jill Angie and Angela Watson both recommend reading White Fragility. 

My big bout with white privilege came out in 2013, and we were taking a vocabulary class. I felt like they were trying to instigate something between the blackfeet native americans and the white teachers on the staff. I asked someone and said do you look at me like a white person? and they were like heck yeah! There were other teachers native americans who thought they were trying to create trouble. But I was so wrong and ignorant. 

I certainly have experienced white privilege growing up in a very white suburb on long island and then in Montana that is very white.

I’m not even sure what to say, thats why I haven’t said anything yet. I am praying for you and everyone. I am sooooo thankful for you my listeners. I feel like you probably feel as much about social justice as caring for mother earth. I try to explain that to friends on Facebook.

We’re putting it up because when I see a colleague or a parent clicks like, I feel closer to them when I see them in the hallway or classroom it makes me feel better to see they feel like I do. 

I started this because I walked past Mike’s minifarm. I was tossing and turning last night worrying why didn’t I put my broccolis in. Mike’s minifarm the potatoes are growing like crazy. I’m gonna release the woman from soil kit today from Alabama by the 

we did the minifarm

yesterday I spent a lot of time looking, googling our soil ph was a 7.8, what does that mean? I think it’s all the eggshells we have so much calcium. Lots of things grow good in a 7.8ph like asparagus.


Step 3

Best thing to add is organic matter, which mike is gonna mulch, if you have not listened to Andrew Mefferd’s interview, I would just read the book. You would not believe how much it helped tim, time and labor, be able to lift that tarp and turn things over with the broadfork, his soil is so rich. We got very high, or very high, there was no average in any of mike’s soil. I feel like we should do a test in the regular garden.


The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution: High-Production Methods for Small-Scale Farmers

I guess the ideal conditions for a soil test is between 6-7ph she talks about Espoma, we actually have Espoma blood meal we bought when he was doing the straw bales, if you listen to the interview with Joel Karsten, but we hd the problem of the fence got left open and the deer ate the  tomatoes.

I have definitely been super depressed. IDK if it’s my personality, a very strong leo in the middle of the summer of love outside of NYC back in 1967. It’s interesting I declared 2020 to be the year I smiled back in January, I don’t feel like I didn’t see my kids, because we did see each other every day, but we just didn’t get that much work done. 

I hope you’re well and our planet comes out on a better side of us. I think it’s a very scary time, but probably an important time, if something good comes out from it. I made my kids a page of screenshots of us together teaching online and I feel like that’s a piece of important history.

I’m standing outside the minifarm. It’s so beautiful outside in Montana. We don’t have a lot of lettuce, it didn’t germinate. My kale did horrible, I hope Mike has better luck in the minifarm. I have realized I’m definitely a transplanter I like instant garden I don’t have the patience all of you gardeners who plant seedlings are. 

Some ph resources:



Vegetable garden plants such as asparagus, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley and spinach grow well in soils whose pH is between 7 and 8.


If you aren’t interested you might just want to skip over the 6 min prechat at the end and head right to the soilkit interview!

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